There's more to prepping than food

Are you truly prepared? I know I've spent a lot of time on this blog site talking about preparing and storing food, but there is a lot more to prepping than just food. To be a prepper means that you are preparing for any type of emergency situation and food is a very big part of that, but that's not all there is to it. There are so many different emergency/disaster scenarios that could happen in our world today. How can we possibly be prepared for each and every one of them? Well, the best way is to start preparing for the worst one. The worst one that we might ever have to face would, in my opinion, be a nuclear attack. Whether that be a surface nuclear attack (nuclear bomb) or a atmospheri

Dehydrating boxed mac 'n cheese

Using my Instant Pot Lux Mini and dehydrator Today's project is dehydrating boxed mac 'n cheese for DIY MREs. You can also use this procedure for making mac n cheese meals in a jar. I will be making enough for four good sized individual servings. I will be using my Instant Pot Lux Mini 3 quart pressure cooker to cook the macaroni pasta to get it ready for dehydrating. The Instant Pot (IP) is so much easier than cooking pasta on the stove top! You just put the macaroni and water in and let it cook; no need to stand watching a pan on the stove top making sure it doesn't boil over. You can cook the macaroni using the traditional stove top method if you want; following the directions on the box.

Packing dehydrated spaghetti with meat sauce into meals

The time has finally come Yes! The time has finally come for me to put together individual meals from the dehydrated spaghetti with meat sauce! As you can see in the photo below, the hamburger meat (hamburger rocks), sauce leather, and spaghetti were all dehydrated and packed separately. I've also got my scale and spice ready to go. Since it's actually been a while since I dehydrated the ingredients for the meals, you may want to refresh your memory by going back to the Dehydrating spaghetti with meat sauce article. The ingredients used are for four good sized servings. The first thing I did to prepare for putting the meals together was to set everything out (as you can see in the photo abov

God helps those who help themselves

Is there any truth to that? Have you ever heard the phrase, "God helps those who help themselves"? Have you wondered if it's an actual Bible verse? I actually heard this phrase a lot growing up in the 1960s. I wasn't raised in a Christian home; I actually wasn't even allowed to go to church with any of my friends. Yet, this phrase was a very popular one in my house. So, even though I wasn't raised in a Christian home, I grew up thinking God helps those who help themselves. Later in my life, even after I became a Christian, this phrase stuck with me for a long time. I thought, if God helps those who help themselves, then I must be independent and do things on my own. I was a very independent

Just touching base

And some thoughts for the future I have been so busy focusing on learning how to dehydrate food, how to properly store the dehydrated food, and how to reconstitute the dehydrated food that I haven't had quite as much time for writing articles as I did when I first started this blog. So, I decided just to take some time and tell you about some of the things that have been happening with me. I've been working hard at preparing and storing the type of food that my family members might actually eat. Especially since discovering how easy it is to dehydrate food; and how space saving and lightweight that food is! I feel like I'm playing "catch up" on food storage, lol. Sure, we have some food that

Preppers and survivalists

Is there a distinction? In my opinion, there actually is a difference between a prepper and a survivalist. Although, they both have the same goal in mind: to live their lives on this earth for as long as they possibly can. They both form a plan with a goal and set out to achieve their goals. Not every prepper or survivalist has the same plan, but they all have the same goal. Preppers Preppers are usually defined as people who stock up on food and water to have in case long term emergencies, disasters, or other unforeseen events happen. They mostly plan on hunkering down in their homes should such an event occur. Some have goals of buying land and building a cabin, or developing a homestead (

Dehydrating Spaghetti with meat sauce

A great comfort meal Whether dehydrating meals for backpacking, camping, or prepping, spaghetti with meat sauce is a great light-weight, quick, and easy meal to have available. It is a great comfort meal. It takes quite a bit of prep time, but it will be well worth it when you're sitting around the campfire out on the trail, camping, or in an emergency situation. Dehydrated spaghetti with meat sauce can also be stored in your long term food storage pantry/area to have on hand in any emergency situation. If prepared and stored properly it will have a shelf life of 10 plus years. Preparing the spaghetti with meat sauce meal only takes three main ingredients. The meat, the sauce, and the pasta.

What does it mean to bug out?

And why would you need to? Bug out is a military term. It simply means to retreat, or evacuate. Modern day preppers use this term to describe being in a situation wherein one would need to evacuate their home. Whether it would be due to an earthquake, tornado, hurricane, fire, flood, landslide, nuclear disaster or attack, cyber attack on our electrical grid, nuclear EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) attack or a solar EMP, the apocalypse, or zombie attack (yes, some people really do believe in zombies). Everyone should be aware of any national disasters that are likely to happen in the area where they live. It is my belief that a wise person will be prepared for any such disaster or emergency situa

Prepping 101 | Putting together Homemade/DIY MREs

In my last article I spoke about what an MRE is. I do hope you have a better understanding of them and see the importance of them for prepping and having them in your BOBs. This is only our second attempt at putting together MREs for the family. We just kind of went out there, grabbed what we thought would work and what each individual person would like. And got to work on putting them together. It is definitely a trial and error thing. I bet by the time we get together enough for at least 30 days we'll have it down! At least I hope so, lol. The picture above is one homemade/DIY MRE ready to be put in a vacuum sealer bag and packed away. I will list the items below: Far left: zip lock gall

Prepping is not a fad

Prepping is not a bandwagon either Often times modern day preppers are not taken seriously. They may even be accused of believing in a conspiracy theory, or be referred to as being crazy. Some may even call prepping a fad, or reference preppers as people who are "jumping on the bandwagon" because of it's growing popularity. I say it is totally sane and necessary. Let me tell you why I think that. First of all, let's take a look at what a fad or bandwagon is. According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary a fad is "a practice or interest followed for a time with exaggerated zeal : craze". And, a bandwagon is, "1 : a usually ornate and high wagon for a band of musicians especially in a circus par

Prepping 101 | Making Homemade/DIY MREs

What are they and why make homemade/DIY ones? What are MREs? MRE is the acronym for Meal Ready to Eat. The first MRE was developed as a field ration for U.S. soldiers in 1975. Several field tests were conducted and the first MREs were provided to soldiers in 1981. They kind of got a bad reputation for not tasting all that great. However, the taste and type of meals have improved dramatically over the years due to testing and evaluations. Today's military MRE usually includes a main dish, side dish, desert, condiments, snack (usually crackers or bread with a spread), candy, flameless ration heater, coffee and another beverage, gum, seasonings, moist towelette, and eating utensil. MREs come in

Why dehydrate food?

You may have seen my articles on dehydrating and re-hydrating corn and wondered why anyone would want to or need to dehydrate food. Dehydrating foods for long term storage just makes sense! "But, why?" you may ask. Well, hold on to your seat because I'm about to tell you! First of all, I may have done things a little backwards, but that's just me. I should have explained the benefits of dehydrating food for long term food storage before I posted my articles on dehydrating/re-hydrating frozen corn. I was just so excited to have my new food dehydrator and so anxious to use it and share the experience with you that I got ahead of my self. It was just me being me. The history of food dehydration

Re-hydrating the dehydrated frozen corn

Re-hydrating the corn was so easy! I could smell it as soon as I opened the vacuum sealed bag; it smelled just like cooked sweet corn on the cob! I decided tonight that I would go ahead and try re-hydrating the corn and have it to eat with my supper. I got out the vacuum sealed corn, measuring cups, and a couple of bowls and got started on it. I measured out one serving (1/4 cup) of the dehydrated corn and poured it into the glass serving bowl. All the while, smelling the delicious aroma. I didn't really expect it to smell so good, but then I didn't actually know what to expect. In the picture on the right you can see the dehydrated corn in a bowl ready for me to add water to it. I put 1 cup

Dehydrating frozen corn

My first attempt at dehydrating! A couple of weeks ago I ordered my first dehydrator. When it arrived by UPS I was in the process of getting ready for our impromptu mini vacation so I didn't have time to try it out before we left. The day after we returned I got out the dehydrator and prepared it for my first experiment with it. I was so excited! I put one bag of frozen corn on two trays and set the temperature and time on it. I knew it would take at least 6 to 9 hours, but didn't get it started until about 3 in the afternoon. I had planned on letting it run all night, well at least until it shut off on it's own sometime during the night. As my bedtime approached, I was more and more Leary a

Botulism and prepping food for storage

A very good article that every prepper needs to read! "Botulism is a unique threat to preppers. Just a teaspoonful of Botulinum toxin could kill 100,000 people! Here's how to prevent botulism Botulism is an illness, caused naturally, by improper food preservation, or intentionally as weapon of bioterrorism, that causes eventual paralysis and respiratory failure leading to death." Click the link below to read the article Botulism threat to preppers What it is (and how preppers can avoid it)

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