My ever changing Bug Out Bag

Don't just pack it and leave it When I first decided to begin prepping it wasn't an easy decision. There was a stigma attached to those who were labeled preppers back then. I had actually considered it for a couple of years before I took that step and began. Thankfully, that stigma has let up somewhat in the past couple of years. Unfortunately, the reason it has let up is that many have suffered grossly and even lost their lives in multiple natural disasters. I can't help thinking that some of those tragic losses could have been avoided if only they would have been more prepared. As I've mentioned in previous articles, prepping isn't just about food storage. It is so much more! Like many of

Homemade backpacking meals and meals-in-a-bag

Is there a difference? I first discovered meals-in-a-bag when I was doing searches for homemade DIY MREs (Meals Ready to Eat) on YouTube. My search eventually led to what is called homemade backpacking meals. I was so excited when I discovered these homemade backpacking meals! It didn't take but a moment to realize that these meals could be used for MREs. First of all, the MREs I had put together tended to be a little too heavy for putting very many in our backpacks. The backpacking meals that were made using a dehydrator were extremely light weight! Did I say I was excited? That really doesn't even begin to describe how I felt! Here, I'll give you a link to the first video I actually found

This prepper gal is becoming a gray woman

Going Incognito You may (or may not) have noticed that I have taken my picture down off of my blog site and all of my social media sites. I have also disassociated my name from them all. I didn't do this to try and get away from Big Government, I'm sure they're already got me on at least one list. I did it to keep my identity from the public. Yes, that includes least those of you who don't know me personally. It's actually a big step for me. The reason I started this blog site and the consequent social media accounts was to interact with people. It was fine when I didn't have people visiting my site and social media that I didn't know. I never had even thought about that when I was

Hamburger veggie soup | Meal-in-a-bag

Just add water! I am so loving developing these recipes, testing them and putting them together in these meals-in-a-bag! It will be so nice to have these meals available in the event of an emergency situation. They are tasty, something I am used to eating, and nutritional. So much better than the ones you can buy already made (and without all the extra sodium, chemicals, and preservatives). It makes it worth the time that I am putting into doing them! Well...actually, it doesn't take that much time. The thing that takes the longest time is the dehydration process, and it's not even something that I have to stand over and watch constantly. So far, most all of the veggies I have dehydrated hav

Masculinity is toxic to men and boys?

What The Feck is that all about?! Lately, I've seen several articles posted on social media sites with headlines stating that Masculinity is toxic to men and boys. I'm a woman. A woman who grew up in the 1960s. I should be happy to see headlines like this, right? WRONG! I, especially being the mother of three young men, think this is not only wrong, but whacked out thinking! The worst of it is that today's children, teens, and young adults are growing up, or have grown up, with social media playing a big part in their lives. This is the kinds of things they see on social media and think it is right and truth. And then they get worried and depressed because they can't live up to the standards

Recommended YouTube Channels

Prepper/Survival/Bushcraft Some of my very favorite YouTube channels that I have learned a lot from. Click/tap on the name and the video channel will pop up in a new window. Prepper/bushcraft/living off grid Reallybigmonkey1 - My most favorite channel for bushcraft/survival. Rogue Preparedness My Self Reliance David Canterbury Survival Lilly Far North Bushcraft And Survival Girls in the Woods Dehydrating/long term food storage Linda's Pantry - Has some good dehydrating/meals-in-a-jar videos. Perbain - She is no longer with us, but she left us a lot of knowledge Homesteading The Kneady Homesteader The Prepsteaders

Chili with beef and beans | Meal-in-a-bag

Just add water! This meal-in-a-bag is great for camping, backpacking, hiking, thru trail hiking, bug out bags, and long term food storage! This is a homemade chili recipe using dehydrated, freeze dried, and powdered ingredients that have already been prepared. It does take a little time for preparation, but will be so worth it when it comes to time to eating it! I first discovered meals-in-a-bag when I thought it would be a great idea to make my own MREs (Meals Ready to Eat). The actual MREs were just a little too expensive for my budget, and I felt like I was paying way too much for food that my family members may not even eat (even if they were starving!). Anyway, I had a crazy idea of mak

Helpful prepper/survival links

Links to websites/blogs that I have found helpful. If you find a particular article within the links below that you find helpful and think others might also, please feel free to share that in the comment section of this page. If there is a website/blog that has been helpful to you that is not listed below and you would like to share it with others, please contact me (using the contact form on the "About" page) and I will check it out and add it to the links below. I hope you find these links helpful. More links wil

Feeling like the lone wolf

Confessions of this prepper gal There are times (and they are getting to be more and more) that I feel like the lone wolf. You know, times when you feel like you are all alone in the world? I'm not referring to being physically alone. I am not physically alone, I am blessed to have a wonderful family around me. And, yet, I feel alone. Alone in my thoughts. Alone in my beliefs. Alone in my fears. Alone in my visions. Alone in my revelations. Simply alone. It's like I am standing on the highest mountaintop looking out at the billions of people in this world and there is not one person out there who understands me. Not one person who will truly take the time to listen to me. I stand on the roof

Cheesy chicken, rice and broccoli | Meal-in-a-bag

For camping, backpacking, hiking, homemade MREs, or long term food storage! When I first started dehydrating food I did it because I didn't want to spend money on commercially prepared dehydrated or freeze dried food for my long term food storage. I thought it was a good way to save money. And, I was right! But, what I didn't realize at the time was that it wasn't completely safe to dehydrate red meat or chicken, or any meat or poultry for long term food storage. After a while meats can become rancid, even if dehydrated. The amount time it takes for that to happen depends on how they are stored. Such as storing in a zip lock baggie, vacuum sealed, or in the freezer. Dehydrated meat/poultry s

Actions speak louder than words

Is it time for you to move forward? Are you ready to take action? I've always said, and believe, that "Actions speak louder than words". The same applies to preppers/survivors. What are you doing to prepare yourself and your family (if applicable) for an emergency situation? Are you just talking about it, thinking about it, or are you actually doing something about it? What are you doing to prepare today? This week? Next week? What have you done to prepare yesterday? This past week? This past year? There comes a time when we need to move past the research and planning. A time when we need to move on to development. A time to take that step and actually do something. A time to take action. I

Resolutions, goals, and potpourri

Where are you headed? I am not one to make new year's resolutions. I've never really have been. I think I made one in my entire adult life; and it's been many, many years ago. And, guess what?!? I failed it. Like in the first month. I'm not saying anything bad about making resolutions because they do work for many people (maybe?). I am saying they don't work for me. It's like by making a resolution I automatically set myself up for failure. I don't know about you, but I don't like it when I fail. So, instead of making resolutions, I set goals. One might ask, "isn't that the same thing?". Well, actually, it's not. According to Google Dictionary, resolution means: "the action of solving a pro

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