Coming Home

I have arrived! Here I sit, in the middle of the Ozark Mountains writing to you! Yesterday, we had a pleasant eight and a half hour drive reaching our destination. We drove through a couple of storms, but most of the trip was uneventful. As we were nearing our destination, I was overwhelmed with the feeling that I was “coming home”. I actually had to choke back the tears! Then it dawned on me. I've always loved the mountains. I was born in Tennessee and lived there until I was 8 years old. In Chattanooga, a city basically surrounded by the Smokey Mountains. Then we moved from there to Southern California, where we were surrounded by the Sierra Nevada Mountains. I basically grew up around mou

Bags are packed, I'm ready to go!

Overcoming my fears Time to head to the Ozark mountains! Well, almost...I'm actually leaving tomorrow!! But, my bags are all packed and I'm ready to go! I think, I hope? You know how it is, that fear that you will leave something of importance behind. Even if I do, there is a Walmart only about 35 minutes away from where I'll be. Yet that fear is still there, nagging at me in the back of my head. I would be lying if I said I have no fear about going away from my home for a month. Away from my normal daily routine (I turned 65 years old this month, and I am used to doing things my way, lol) . Away from my other children and grandchildren. Away from the safety of knowing I can walk out into my

I'm heading back to the Ozarks!

Oh happy day! Invitation has been accepted, plans have been made, and transportation has been procured. It's official. Folks, I'm heading back to the Ozark Mountains! I will be spending a month just hanging out with my boy (and his family) and enjoying the great outdoors. I may even be able to help him with a couple of his ongoing projects! He said he could put me to work stripping bark off of the trees he cuts down for his cabin. Said it would give me an opportunity to practice my bush craft skills. He thought he was enticing me, lol. He had me at "want to come down"? Even though I'm excited about the bush craft part, I'm more excited about getting to spend time with him and my grandchildre

Hamburger goulash | Meal-in-a-bag

Just add water! Goulash. A yummy comfort food. This meal-in-a-bag has all the ingredients and taste of my mother's goulash recipe. Apparently, it's not even close to the original Hungarian Goulash. Something I wasn't aware of until I put this recipe together. I just know it's what my mother cooked and she called it goulash. So, if anyone has been misled to believe this is traditional Hungarian Goulash recipe, I apologize. Moving on. As I mentioned, I took my mother's recipe and converted it for making this meal-in-a-bag recipe. Using freeze dried and dehydrated ingredients to ensure the meal is lightweight for carrying in a backpack and easy to prepare when cooking over a fire or using a coo

What in the world are meals-in-a-bag?

And why would you need them? You have probably noticed that I have been posting articles and videos about meals-in-a-bag that I have been developing recipes for and making. If you have read/seen those articles or videos, I hope that you would have gained an understanding of what they are, how they can be used, and why you may need them. However, I may not have been exactly clear in my explanation of this in my articles/videos. And that is why I am writing to you today. First of all, what is a meal-in-a-bag? Meals-in-a-bag are just that. Meals that are put together and placed in a bag. More specifically, a mylar bag or a vacuum sealer bag. You can also use mason (canning) jars and you would h

Homemade Mac & Cheese Meal-In-A-Bag: The Ultimate Comfort Food

Comfort foods. We all need them, don’t we? Macaroni and cheese is considered to be the most popular comfort food in America. So, why not have some for your Bug Out Bag (BOB) or your emergency food storage? Well, that was my thinking a while back when I made my first meal-in-a-bag using a popular boxed macaroni and cheese. (At that time, I called them homemade MREs because that was what I knew. However, the term meal-in-a-bag is a more appropriate description.) Later on I got to thinking, why would I want to feed my family the boxed macaroni and cheese with all of the preservatives and chemicals when I could make it from scratch... Read More >>> Note: This is a guest article I wrote for the R

Seven DIY hygiene products you can make at home!

Guest Post by Morgan from Rogue Preparedness I remember the first time I made lip balm. It was the first DIY product I had ever attempted and once completed, I couldn’t believe how easy it was! I absolutely loved it. I don’t buy lip balm anymore, I just make it. Since then, I’ve been stepping out into making my own hygiene products to save money and be more self-reliant. Also, knowing exactly what’s in my products is really important to me. Why is there so much junk in shampoos and deodorants? I’m on a mission to live completely without store bought hygiene products. Here are 7 homemade hygiene products that anyone can make! 1. Sugar scrub - this is the easiest homemade hygiene product that

What is a ferro rod and why do I need one?

Why would a prepper need a ferro rod? A Ferro rod is used to start fires, whether out in the woods, camping, or in your back yard. Fires for cooking, boiling water, or providing heat, not to burn things down! But, isn't prepping all about making sure you have stored enough food and household supplies to last for a long period of time? Yes, and no. Yes because that is the main purpose in prepping. No because prepping is so much more! (See my article, There's more to prepping than food) Many preppers, especially new ones, may not understand the need for knowing how to start a fire. So, let's start there. Let's say there was a scenario where you are without power. No electricity, no natural gas

Memory retention: how it works

Not based on scientific data, just my own experience When I was a teen, way back in the stone age, we didn't have Google to look up song lyrics. We had to listen to a song over and over and over...and over to learn the lyrics. And, knowing the lyrics was extremely important so we could show off our knowledge of the lyrics to our friends! Because, for some reason, knowing all the lyrics to a song meant you were a genius!! Believe me, I impressed a lot of people with my knowledge of lyrics in my teen years! Today, I was thinking about how I can hear a song from 50 years ago, and not having heard it for over 20 years could remember each and every lyric. Word for word. And yet, other songs I cou

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