Life on the homestead; among other things

I've been here on my son's homestead for three weeks now and am mostly acclimated to the lifestyle on the homestead in progress. It's definitely different than life in my hometown. The hardest thing for me to become acclimated to has been the weather. And, I don't know why. It's not like we don't have heat and humidity in the late spring/early summer where I live. But it sure seems a lot hotter and humid here. Maybe it's because of being surrounded by trees, which may produce more humidity. But, thankfully, those trees also provide a nice breeze. Today, the weather is supposed to be in the upper 80s and the humidity is already at 75% (and it's just after the Noon hour). So, here I sit insid

Why you need to have lots of bug spray and hydrocortisone cream in your bug out bag!

And in your home preps Ticks or chiggers? I'm not sure, but one or the other, or both, have been in intimate contact with me! Actually, it is both. I've had two ticks latch on to me and numerous bites. Those bites are actually the ones I'm not sure of. You see, there are these tiny ticks here in the Ozark Mountains that look like a small freckle on your skin. They are “juvenile ticks”. I've found a few and actually just scratched them away. If you don't catch them early enough though you do have to dig a little with your scratching. Those bites don't seem to bother me, at least the ones I've caught. Then there's these other bites that itch like crazy! They have a small liquid like bump in th

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