Changing my way of thinking

Modern vs. off grid lifestyles As most of you know, I have recently been given an opportunity to move to the Ozark Mountains, to live with my eldest son on his homestead, and am in the process of preparing to do so. I got a text from my son last night asking if I had good winter bedding to take with me when I move down there, or would he need to get some for me. My response was yes, that I have my electric blanket I was planning on taking with me. Well, by the time he was able to respond to that it dawned on me that he lives mostly off grid and that an electric blanket may be a luxury I will have to learn to live without. He didn't say anything about the use of power for the blanket in his

Meal in a bag: Hamburger Gravy and Mashed Potatoes

Making your own MREs and emergency food is a healthy alternative! This is one recipe I never thought I'd get right! Actually, it's not even a dish I thought I would try and develop into a meals in a bag recipe. But, I asked my Chrisian Prepper Gal Facebook Group what some of their favorite meals were that they would like to see converted to meals in a bag or jar. It was my daughter who offered this suggestion. My first reaction to her suggestion was, "No way!". I had no idea how I could make the hamburger gravy the right consistency and get the awesome gravy flavor using dehydrated/freeze dried/shelf stable ingredients. So, I brushed it aside and thought I would just accept defeat and forget

Big and important announcement!

Some dreams do come true! I recently accepted an invitation that will turn my world completely inside out and upside down! I'm excited and scared all at the same time! You see, it's something that I've wanted to do since my first visit to my son's homestead in the Ozarks. Talk about your wishes/dreams coming true! Only on a much grander scale than I had imagined! I'm sure some of you may have figured out what my announcement is just by my opening paragraph here. Or, perhaps you figured it out using the clues I posted in the Christian Prepper Gal Facebook Group. Either way, I do hope you will keep reading just to see if you are right 😊. During my last visit to my son's homestead we discussed

Three alternatives to stockpiling toilet paper!

Do you have enough toilet paper stored? It seems as preppers, our main focus is on storing water and food; making sure we have enough should we encounter a time of crisis or an emergency situation. But, have you thought about toilet paper? How much you would need to store? Where would you store it? Would a warehouse be large enough to store enough toilet paper for your familiy? There are just so many things to consider, and because of that, most of us will put this one off for as long as we can. But, we really shouldn't be putting it off, should we? Because hygeine is highly important in our every day lives, and would be so much more important in a grid down situation. First of all, we need

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