How has living off grid been different for me?

My life on the homestead Well, it's been two and a half weeks since I've moved to my son's homestead; henceforth known as “the homestead”. Things are finally starting to feel settled. I've mostly adjusted to all of the changes. Change never used to bother me until I became older. I guess by the time I reached my 60s, I had settled into my quiet and not so active routine and hadn't seen much change for a few years. Boy, has that changed now! Well, not quite as drastically as that statement made it sound. Here, let me explain... Laundry Doing laundry on the homestead is somewhat different than it was living in the city. It's not something I've never done before, but it has been quite a few yea

I'm officially a homesteader!

How did that happen? I'm finally getting settled in at the homestead. I've got most of my things unpacked and organized. It's been just over a week since I arrived, and I am so loving it here! My only complaint is that just as it has in much of the Midwest, winter has peaked it's ugly head out a bit early this year. And, from what my son has told me, it is even colder than the “normal” winters here. So, I'm hoping that means that once winter actually hits us it will be a mild one. I know, wishful thinking, but I like to try and stay positive. After all, one of the many reasons that I moved down here was for the milder winters. So, this morning I did my first homesteader chore. I suppose that

Homemade DIY Dry Shampoo

Two different recipes for different hair types Why do people use a dry shampoo? The biggest, most popular reason is the reason I use one. Oily hair. My hair is so rich in oils that I can wash it in the morning and by evening it is oily and sticking to my head. One thing I do love about my oily hair is that when it's clean it has a beautiful shine to it. Of course, it does when oily also, but it's a totally different shine, lol. Anyway, with the use of my homemade dry shampoo, my hair remains shiny and clean looking in between shampoos! I've actually only used dry shampoo off and on for a few years. I'd tried a few different kinds and brands over the course of those years, but never found any

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