Actions speak louder than words

Is it time for you to move forward? Are you ready to take action?

I've always said, and believe, that "Actions speak louder than words". The same applies to preppers/survivors. What are you doing to prepare yourself and your family (if applicable) for an emergency situation? Are you just talking about it, thinking about it, or are you actually doing something about it? What are you doing to prepare today? This week? Next week? What have you done to prepare yesterday? This past week? This past year?

There comes a time when we need to move past the research and planning. A time when we need to move on to development. A time to take that step and actually do something. A time to take action.

I'm not just talking to the newbies here. Prepping isn't just a one time thing. Preppers don't just stockpile their pantry and forget about it. In fact, that would almost be as irresponsible as never preparing at all. As I've said before, there is so much more to prepping than stockpiling food and putting together a Bug Out Bag (BOB). It is actually pretty common for preppers to become overwhelmed, even to the point where they find themselves in a stall. So, whether you are a newbie or a seasoned prepper, I hope to encourage you to begin to take action today.

As a prepper, what happens when your food runs out? Well, if we are without electricity long enough that is bound to happen at some point. You may be in a similar situation as I am. I can't afford to go to the grocery store and buy enough food to last a year or longer; so I buy what I can when I can. Even though I've been a prepper for a few years now, I don't have near enough food to last for any long term power outage. Not even close. How can that be for someone who has been prepping as long as I have? Well, as I said, I can't afford it. But then again, that doesn't mean I don't do what I can when I can. There's more to prepping than stockpiling food (did I already say that?).

So, if I don't have a large stockpile of food, what am I doing? How am I preparing for a SHTF situation? How can I even call myself a prepper?!? Well, I am learning. I'm learning new skills and brushing up on old skills. Yes, I spend a lot of tim