Adding some baby chicks to the homestead!

Plus an update on what's going on in my life...

Eight baby chicks huddled together in a circle.

I'm so excited!! I have never had baby chicks before, let alone helped raise any! Two weeks ago today, my son purchased 8 baby Rhode Island Red chicks for the homestead. He has three adult Reds that just started laying eggs last fall and wanted to add to them. And, let me tell you, those eggs are simply THE BEST!!!

I hadn't written a blog about the chickens because I did produce a couple of videos. Then, just a little bit ago I realized that there may be people who read my blog that aren't subscribed to my YouTube channel. So, I decided I would write a little note here to let everyone know about the baby chicks. They are so doggone cute!!! I keep checking on them just because I love to watch them!

Here's the video introducing the new chicks to everyone:

The chicks were approximately one week old when we got them, which was two weeks ago today. So, I've declared them officially three weeks old and posted an update on their progress on YouTube today. I also share a bit of news about what's happening in my life and what's coming up for Christian Prepper Gal in the vid.

Here's that video:

So, if you watched the second video you know that things are going to be a bit different for me for the next few months. The good thing is that I should have more time to work on blog posts and videos. So, keep an eye out!

I pray that all of my followers are remaining steadfast in The Lord and that you are keeping your eyes on Him. I pray for blessings and good health on your behalf.

Until next time...happy prepping, and God bless!!