Are you prepared to protect yourself and your family?

Man shooting at target with rifle

I was sitting in my bed reading a book on my Kindle. The window was open and there was a nice breeze flowing in from it. Suddenly, a gun shot rang out! I froze in place. I closed my Kindle so the light wouldn't give me away. It was 11:15 p.m. There was no good reason for anyone to be shooting a gun at that hour. My entire being was focused on listening for any more shots. I tried to determine how close the sound was. It was hard to tell because in the mountains sound travels and can even bounce back and forth among the hilltops. I was still frozen as I sat there in the dark listening for any more gunshots trying to decide if I should wake my son or not. He was at the other end of the RV camper. I didn't move. I sat there for over an hour listening and thinking. Thinking about what would happen if we were suddenly attacked by some crazy psycho person or gang of people. We were in the middle of nowhere on 10 acres of woodland. Thirty minutes from the nearest town. If anything were to happen, there was no relying upon calling 911 for help. We were on our own. Should I wake my son? What should I do? I sat there frozen. Listening and waiting. Waiting for something or nothing to happen. Then I thought, "does he even lock the doors at night?". That's when my heart started pounding harder.

No, this is not an intro to some fictional book. This is what I experienced when visiting my son last month in the Ozark Mountains. As I sat there listening and waiting I began thinking about what would happen if we were in a SHTF survival situation and we were being attacked. How would we get help? How would we protect ourselves? What would we have to do? What if we were grossly out numbered? Would we have the medical equipment and skills necessary to save our lives if we were attacked and shot? You know how the mind wonders and thinks of the worst case scenarios when it recognizes the fear in your chest. That's what I was doing.

In that SHTF scenario playing over and over in my mind, I knew I was somewhat safe where I was if any of that were to happen. After all, my son is a retired law enforcement officer, military veteran, and an EMT (I'm so proud of him!). But, what about when I returned home? What if we had to bug out into the woods, or worse yet, out into the open farmland? What if we hunkered down and stayed in our home and we were attacked? How would we handle the situation then?

I am not telling you this to try and instill fear in you. Fear does not help us to be prepared. In fact, it can hinder us. What I am trying to do is to show you that there are some things that could happen and that we need to be aware of those things and think about how we would react to them should they happen. If we are prepared ahead of time then we are going to be able to react in a quicker and more rational manner. We will be able to think more clearly. I'm talking about being prepared both physically and mentally. It's something to think about and consider.

Until next time...happy prepping, and God bless!