Big and important announcement!

Some dreams do come true!

Homestead in Ozark Mountains
My son's homestead in the Ozark Mountains.

I recently accepted an invitation that will turn my world completely inside out and upside down! I'm excited and scared all at the same time! You see, it's something that I've wanted to do since my first visit to my son's homestead in the Ozarks. Talk about your wishes/dreams coming true! Only on a much grander scale than I had imagined! I'm sure some of you may have figured out what my announcement is just by my opening paragraph here. Or, perhaps you figured it out using the clues I posted in the Christian Prepper Gal Facebook Group. Either way, I do hope you will keep reading just to see if you are right 😊.

During my last visit to my son's homestead we discussed me becoming a snow bird and spending my winters with him on the homestead. Only, we decided it would be best to wait until next winter since his cabin wouldn't be completed by this coming winter. And we left it at that. I was really okay with putting up with another winter with 50 feet of snow, knowing that it would be my last one for a while.

Ever since I returned from that trip, I have been feeling like my life was taking a bit of a turn. I couldn't quite figure it out, but I felt for the first time since becoming a prepper like I had no direction in my prepping. I had seriously lost almost all motivation to do any of the things I normally did to improve and build our preps. It even affected my blogs, videos, and social media. It was like I was stuck, or stalled, and couldn't get moving again. I didn't feel led to move forward or do anything regarding prepping. It was like God was putting my prepping on hold and I had no idea why.

Then, yesterday I was at the Dollar Tree with my daughter. We like to go there once in a while and see what we can find for our preps and gear. Plus, it's fun looking around to see if we can find some good bargains. Anyway, while we were shopping, I received a text notification on my phone. I chose to ignore the notification at the time because we were in the middle of the store and were talking with another customer there. Then, I forgot about the text until we got out to the car. When I remembered, I opened up my phone and the text app and saw that the text was from my oldest son.

His text just said, “Serious question for you...”. So, I texted back, “Ok, what?”. Then he texted, “Would you be interested in moving down here?”. I was like, what in the world is going on? In my head, not out loud, at least I don't think I said it out loud. I immediately teared up and showed the text to my daughter. We both agreed that I should call him instead of continuing to text. Some things are just easier with a call, lol. So, I called him...and the rest is history!

Oh, wait! I think I may have forgotten something here. The rest is history?!? So, what was the result of that phone call??? You've probably guessed it by now, so please just humor me and read on...

Drum roll please!!!

Well, after talking for a while I decided to take him up on his offer. It's going to be hard to leave my other children and grandchildren, but this is something I need to do for myself, and for my health. Besides, my son promised me that he would upgrade his wifi to unlimited data so that I could continue posting my blogs, YouTube videos, and managing my social media accounts. He knows the way to my heart, lol. So what does that have to do with my kids and grandkids? Well, that means we will all be able to keep in touch! They can see what I'm up to on a pretty regular basis (via my online presence) and we can text and video chat. It's not the same as seeing each other in person I know, but it will all work out, I know it will. And, I will only be an eight hour drive away.

So, there you have it! Sometime between now and November First, I will be moving to the Ozark Mountains!! To be honest with you, this was not something I expected to happen. At all. At least not for a very long time. But, as I look back on the past couple of months I can see that The Lord has been preparing me for this to happen. I have been feeling like I was being led in a different direction, and this is that direction. I was desperately wanting to do some pressure canning, light fires and cook over them, practice setting up shelters, and practice bush craft skills, all of which are not the easiest to do in my current circumstance. It just makes sense to me now. Remember that stall I was talking about earlier? Well, when I made the decision to take my son up on his offer, it was like the doors that were blocking my way just burst wide open! It was like stepping through them and seeing the hills come alive with the “Sound of Music”! Okay, okay, maybe the hills didn't actually come alive, and there was no music, but it was like opening the door to those hills and the feeling of being alive. Truly alive! Alive and free.

I am so excited about this journey! In the past 24 hours I have seen so many visions of what life will be like on the homestead. I wish I could go into more detail about it here, but this is not the time for me to do so. However, I can say that things are about to expand and grow to a whole new level of prepping for me. It's like Christian Prepper Gal just received an upgrade. An opportunity to grow and learn even more and share along the way. I do hope you'll stick around and take that journey with me. I have a feeling there's an awful lot we still need to learn.

Until next time...happy prepping, and God bless!