BOB, INCH bag, GHB, EDC, Go Bag, IFAK, 72 hour emergency kit...

Do we really need all of those bags?

Just a couple of years ago I was only aware of preppers needing one bag: a BOB (Bug Out Bag). Something you could grab and go if you needed to quickly evacuate your home. Lately though, it seems every few months a new bag is being added to the list that preppers should have! I suppose that's because someone had the wisdom to break down the different needs for different scenarios and organize them into more specific-type bags. But, it's enough to make a person go insane just thinking about all of them! Do we really need that many bags? And, if so, why??

Below is a list of "prepper bags" that I'm currently aware of (I'm sure there are even more that I'm missing). I will try and break down my perception of the intention/use of each bag and whether or not they are absolutely necessary for preppers/survivalists to have.

(I may include, as an example, links to products available on Amazon, however, I am not affiliated in any way with Amazon, other than being a customer of theirs.)

72 Hour Emergency Kit

This bag/kit will include the absolute minimum items necessary to survive for up to 72 hours (3 days) in the event that you have to evacuate your home due to an emergency situation. Items in the bag may include water, non-perishable food, hygiene, emergency blanket, flashlight, battery-powered or hand crank NOAA weather radio, backup batteries, cell phone with chargers and a backup battery, prescription medications, small first aid kit, etc.

It is my opinion that not every prepper will need a 72 hour emergency kit. See my article, Is a 72 hour emergency kit going to be enough? for my reasons why. If you have a BOB, GHB, or INCH bag, you should not need one of these bags. It would just be additional baggage. However, every household that does not have any of those bags should definitely have a 72 hour emergency kit! In fact, these are bags that actually kick start some preppers! Once they have one, they realize that they might have the need for more stuff in case of an emergency.