Prepping 101 | Bug out Bag (BOB)

In addition to having a supply of long term storage foods in their homes, most preppers also have a Bug out Bag (BOB) for each member of their family. It's best to prepare ahead of time for any and all scenarios you can think of to protect your family. Thus, the need to keep up your long term food storage, and also do as much as possible to be prepared for anything and everything that could happen in today's world. That would including having a BOB for each family member.

What is a BOB?

A BOB is typically a backpack filled with enough provisions and survival gear to last for at least a 72 hour period. Some of the items inside the BOB should include water, food, cooking and eating utensils, a medical emergency kit, extra clothing, and lighting. There are many more items that we will talk about later. Your BOB should be prepared and ready to go in case a situation should arise in which you would need to evacuate your home; for whatever reason. Don't wait until an emergency or disaster happens and then think about throwing a few things together; it's hard to think clearly enough at a time like that.

When getting ready to prepare your BOB it's best to think in terms of a survival situation, not just going across town to Aunt Sally's or cousin George's. We're talking about a hike, bicycle ride or car trip (whatever mode of transportation is available at the time) to somewhere safe that you can set up camp and survive for as long as is necessary. Your BOB should have enough in it to get you through at least 72 hours, but it is best to be prepared for as long a time as you can. BOBs should be stored in an easily accessible area of your home and every family member should know where they are.

They will also come in handy in case of a natural disaster such as a tornado, hurricane, etc. when you have to take shelter in your own home. If your food storage area is not accessible directly from your safe place, you can grab your BOB and take it with you to your safe place.