Changing my way of thinking

Modern vs. off grid lifestyles

Girl sitting on edge of cliff facing valley below

As most of you know, I have recently been given an opportunity to move to the Ozark Mountains, to live with my eldest son on his homestead, and am in the process of preparing to do so. I got a text from my son last night asking if I had good winter bedding to take with me when I move down there, or would he need to get some for me. My response was yes, that I have my electric blanket I was planning on taking with me. Well, by the time he was able to respond to that it dawned on me that he lives mostly off grid and that an electric blanket may be a luxury I will have to learn to live without. He didn't say anything about the use of power for the blanket in his reply (he's so sweet) but, I did let him know that I had realized that it probably wasn't the wisest choice for me to bring it along. He then reminded me that people who live off grid think differently than “modern” people do. I think he was trying to be funny, lol.

Then, this morning as I lay in bed trying to wake up, I was thinking about some things I will be taking with me in the move. One of those things I have been planning on taking is my dehydrator. Well, this morning it occurred to me that a dehydrator is 700 Watts. The foods I usually dehydrate take anywhere from 6 to 12 hours at a time. That seems like a lot of power to be pulling. So, do I have to forgo the dehydrator also? Read on for my solution.

It has become quite clear to me that I have to change my way of thinking and start thinking like an off grid homesteader instead of a “modern” person. It's not that my son doesn't have power available for use. It's just that he has to conserve the power that he does have. So, maybe using the dehydrator once in a while (on a really sunny day) wouldn't be so bad. But, using that electric blanket every night is probably something that I will forgo.

So, it looks like I will be purchasing a wool blanket in the very near future. I'm thinking it would be best to order it from Amazon and have it shipped directly to the homestead. That would be one less thing that I would have to pack up to move. I'm hoping I can find one in the color red so it will match my other bedding. Haha, I know the chances of finding that in my price range is slim, but hey, one can always hope.

I've also read a few articles in the past about building a solar powered dehydrator so I will begin researching that. I've always liked a good DIY project so this should be fun! I have decided I will take my dehydrator with me, but will use it conservatively until I have a solar one built. Unless, of course, my son advises me differently.

It's like my son said, people who live off grid think differently than “modern” people. In our normal every day lives we don't even think about using electricity for our daily tasks. We actually take for granted the modern conveniences we have available to us today. It's just our way of life. Well, what if something happened to that “way of life”? How would you deal with not having any electricity, or very limited amounts available? As preppers it's something we need to consider. Right down to how to keep warm on those cold nights and how to preserve our food for future sustainability.

I'm really looking forward to the move and to living off grid. Things will definitely be different, but it's what I want to do. I've lived on a couple of different working farms before so I do have a bit of familiarity with homesteading overall. And, not only will it give me a sense of belonging in this world, but it will also give me a sense of worth. An opportunity to actually live life and not just bide my time. Or, like my life was before retiring; just going to work to make enough money to get by from week to week. A vicious circle that never seems to end. As humans, we were meant to live life, not just survive; we were meant to thrive!

I don't really know if any of this has made any sense to you, and I'm not even sure what it is that it should convey. It's just some thoughts that have been going through my head and I felt led (by the Lord) to share them with you. To let you see some of the vulnerabilities in me and my life.

I'm probably going to chime in from time to time and keep you updated on my progress in getting ready for the big move. I also plan to produce some videos and write some articles relating to homesteading as I learn and adapt to that lifestyle. In addition, I plan on being able to include some cross-over bush craft skills that can be used in both prepping and homesteading. After all, I'll have the resources at hand to do so now. And, as always, I will continue to share with you the things I am learning and have learned on my prepping journey. I do hope you will stay tuned and follow along with me on this new and yet familiar journey.

Until next time...happy prepping, and God bless!