Cheesy chicken, rice and broccoli | Meal-in-a-bag

For camping, backpacking, hiking, homemade MREs, or long term food storage!

Dehydrated cheesy chicken, broccoli and rice for prepper, backpacking, camping, hiking, and long term food storage
Dehydrated cheesy chicken, broccoli and rice MRE for long term food storage

When I first started dehydrating food I did it because I didn't want to spend money on commercially prepared dehydrated or freeze dried food for my long term food storage. I thought it was a good way to save money. And, I was right! But, what I didn't realize at the time was that it wasn't completely safe to dehydrate red meat or chicken, or any meat or poultry for long term food storage. After a while meats can become rancid, even if dehydrated. The amount time it takes for that to happen depends on how they are stored. Such as storing in a zip lock baggie, vacuum sealed, or in the freezer.

Dehydrated meat/poultry shelf life:
Zip lock baggie - 2 weeks to 1 month
Vacuum sealed - 6 months to 1 year
Freezer - 1 year
Commercially prepared (freeze dried) - Up to 25 years

For myself, I dehydrate foods for MREs and long term food storage. See my conundrum here? So, I gave in and purchased a #10 can of freeze dried hamburger meat and a #10 can of freeze dried chicken breast chunks. Why? You might ask. The answer is simple. I wanted protein as well as flavor and substance in my MRE packs.