Coming Home

I have arrived!

Picture of outdoor mountain view
My morning view at my son's homestead.

Here I sit, in the middle of the Ozark Mountains writing to you! Yesterday, we had a pleasant eight and a half hour drive reaching our destination. We drove through a couple of storms, but most of the trip was uneventful. As we were nearing our destination, I was overwhelmed with the feeling that I was “coming home”. I actually had to choke back the tears! Then it dawned on me. I've always loved the mountains. I was born in Tennessee and lived there until I was 8 years old. In Chattanooga, a city basically surrounded by the Smokey Mountains. Then we moved from there to Southern California, where we were surrounded by the Sierra Nevada Mountains. I basically grew up around mountains! Then, we moved to a state with guess what? No mountains!! And, I've been there for over 40 years. Anyway, the realization of why I love the mountains and why it felt like I was “coming home” kind of snuck upon me. I did not expect that at all.

My daughter's afraid that I will love it so much down here that I will not want to come home. But, I'm pretty sure that after being here for a month I will be ready to go back to my real home. At least until winter sets in 😉. I absolutely love being here and spending time with my son! But, I'm probably driving him crazy with my obsessive talking. I don't usually talk much, but being here with him in these mountains has made me absolutely giddy! I'm so happy to be here!! I'll be honest, I'm having to adjust to the heat and humidity. I'm used to being indoors most of the time with the air conditioner running. But it is definitely worth putting up with said heat and humidity to enjoy the sights and sounds of God's creation! Besides, there's usually at least a small breeze up on this hill top.

The last time we were here for our short vacation I got to see my granddaughter's first T-ball game. Tonight is her last game and I will be here for that one as well. How awesome is that? Of course, her brother is upset because we left the day before his first soccer game when we were down here before and now we will have seen two of his sister's games. And, of course, his soccer games are all done now. I do feel a little bad about that, but not enough to keep me away from her game!

I'm looking forward to practicing some fire starter skills in the next day or so. I'm kind of waiting for my body to adjust to the difference in temp and humidity. But, when I do I hope to have a video and a blog post about the ins and outs as well as the fails and successes for you! And I'm sure there will be fails. Read about my first try in my article, My great outdoor adventure in the Ozark Mountains.

Oh, and today I saw a Speckled King Snake. It was out at the raised garden bed. Only about 15 inches long. It ran and hid. I also saw a deer cross the road right in front of us on our way home from town. So, one scary creature and one beautiful creature. We also heard some crows and ravens arguing with each other, lol. Never a dull moment😊 .

For now, I will bid you ado. Until next time...happy prepping, and God bless!