Confessions of a prepper on vacation

Someone, somewhere, traveling; maybe on vacation?

I just returned from a mini vacation. My grandson recently graduated from Air Force basic training and my son and his wife were throwing him a send off celebration as a chance for family members and friends to spend time with him before he heads to his first assignment in Alaska. So, my daughter, her teenage son, and I packed up and headed down to Arkansas to visit with my oldest son and his family. My daughter's husband was unable to go with us because of his work schedule, so he stayed home to "man the fort". We were away from home for a total of 4 days. Two of those days were spent on the road driving there and back.

As I was packing and getting ready for the trip, I pondered on whether or not we should take our Bug out Bags (BOBs) with us. In the end, I decided not to bother with it and didn't even mention it to my daughter. Well, after we were on the road for about an hour, my grandson mentioned that maybe we should have brought our BOBs with us! I was a smidgen embarrassed when I had to admit that I had thought about it and maybe we should have; especially if my teenage grandson thought we should have. Thankfully, we did not run into any situation where we would have needed them, but it really did get me to thinking about my decision to leave the BOBs at home.

Even though it had crossed my mind to grab our BOBs to take with us (after all, we would have had plenty of room for them) I dismissed the thought. As I look back to that moment I can't help but wonder, what if it was the Holy Spirit prompting me to grab our BOBs? Surely if it had been He would have prompted me more than once, right? Maybe, maybe not. If it was Him, I heard it but didn't listen and didn't act upon it. Unfortunately, I, like many of us, do not hear the promptings of the Holy Spirit as easily as we should. Especially in situations where we are focused on ourselves, and I was certainly focused on myself when I was preparing for the trip to visit my son and his family. Of course, I prayed for safe travel for us all, but I truly should have been more focused on God and His plan for us during the vacation. I'm so thankful He was watching over us!

Even though I didn't act on the thought of taking our BOBs and we didn't need them, I can't help but think that we should have taken them. After all, we can't see the future and we don't know what will or will not happen. Isn't prepping all about being prepared? For any situation? Not just