Dehydrating cherry tomatoes

From garden to dehydrator!

Two pint sized jars of dehydrated cherry tomatoes
Dehydrated cherry tomatoes

It's garden harvesting season and I've been super busy dehydrating our over abundance of crops this year! My daughter and I were just talking this morning about the current events in our country. During our conversation, it dawned on me that there is a reason we planted a bigger garden this year; there is a reason we have an overabundance of crops; there is a reason I have been dehydrating so much! We may not know the reason, but God does. Actually, I think we do know the reason, we just don't know the exact timing. But, I can tell you with the way things are headed for our nation, it is soon! Soon we will be needing to rely on our preparations. Soon. It is my prayer that when that time comes, that you and your loved ones will be ready!

I kind of got a little off track there, and I would apologize for it, but I won't, because I do feel what I said was necessary. Someone needed to hear it. Now, back to our subject at hand. Today, I am dehydrating some cherry tomatoes from our garden. And, holy guacamole, are they huge this year! The average size of our cherry tomatoes this year is around four and a half to five inches in circumference! Last year's harvest was about half the size of these.

Hand holding three cherry tomatoes to show how big they are
Holding cherry tomatoes in my hand so hopefully you can get an idea of how big they are.