Dehydrating frozen corn

My first attempt at dehydrating!

A couple of weeks ago I ordered my first dehydrator. When it arrived by UPS I was in the process of getting ready for our impromptu mini vacation so I didn't have time to try it out before we left. The day after we returned I got out the dehydrator and prepared it for my first experiment with it. I was so excited!

I put one bag of frozen corn on two trays and set the temperature and time on it. I knew it would take at least 6 to 9 hours, but didn't get it started until about 3 in the afternoon. I had planned on letting it run all night, well at least until it shut off on it's own sometime during the night. As my bedtime approached, I was more and more Leary about letting it run all night long. After all, it was new to me and I just wasn't sure!

When it was finally time to go to bed I checked the corn and it looked like it was about half way dehydrated. At the time, I was really tired and was thinking I could just shut it of and then turn it back on in the morning and let it finish up. Well, upon awaking the next morning my brain was much clearer and my thinking was more up to par. I realized that if it wasn't fully dehydrated it probably wasn't a good idea to let it set out like I had. So, I checked with a dehydrating group on Facebook that I belong to and found out that my thinking that morning was correct. So, I dumped the corn and cleaned off the trays of the dehydrator. My first attempt botched! I didn't have another bag of frozen corn in the freezer so I had to wait until my next trip to the store to try again.

My second attempt at dehydrating