Dehydrating Spaghetti with meat sauce

A great comfort meal

Dehydrated ingredients for making the spaghetti with meat sauce. Left to right: hamburger rocks (in vacuum sealed bag), spaghetti leather (in zip lock bags inside of canning jar) and dehydrated spaghetti pasta.

Whether dehydrating meals for backpacking, camping, or prepping, spaghetti with meat sauce is a great light-weight, quick, and easy meal to have available. It is a great comfort meal. It takes quite a bit of prep time, but it will be well worth it when you're sitting around the campfire out on the trail, camping, or in an emergency situation. Dehydrated spaghetti with meat sauce can also be stored in your long term food storage pantry/area to have on hand in any emergency situation. If prepared and stored properly it will have a shelf life of 10 plus years.

Preparing the spaghetti with meat sauce meal only takes three main ingredients. The meat, the sauce, and the pasta. However, all three main ingredients will need to be dehydrated separately. I have seen some videos where they cook all three ingredients as you normally would for spaghetti and then dehydrate the cooked spaghetti and meat sauce. Those meals were going to be used in a rather short term and would have a shelf life of approximately 1-2 months. The reason you should't cook them all together for long term storage is because if the meat is not prepared properly it can become rancid after a couple of months, thereby causing food poisoning if eaten. When all the ingredients are cooked together the meat does not dehydrate properly, as it needs to be dehydrated at a higher temperature than the other ingredients. Since I plan on storing mine for long term, I dehydrated the ingredients separately to ensure that the meat was prepared properly.

I want to apologize right off the bat for the lack of pictures. I'm still getting used to the idea of taking pictures as I learn to dehydrate food. I was just so excited to be dehydrating that I simply didn't think of taking pictures. I'll try and do better in the future, and I will take pictures of putting the meals together and share them with you.

Hamburger Rocks