Drones in our preps?

Could they be useful as a part of our OPSEC plan?

Picture of a drone flying in a forest

How would the use of drones play out in a major SHTF situation? I'm talking EMP/Grid down scenario. I've often thought about this. Imagining my group bugging out and on our way to our bug out location on foot when all of a sudden we hear a buzzing sound. We're looking all around us and then look up and discover a drone hovering up above us. The government. They found us!

Well, today I was looking at some drone pictures taken around the world. There were beautiful sites to be seen. It made me think about how cool it would be to have a drone. Then, I thought...”If law enforcement or the government can use drones to find humans who are lost or on the run...” (I'm talking about the SHTF scenario I just spoke of above, not criminals using them. Just so we're clear here. …) ”then why can't we use drones to check our surrounding areas in a SHTF situation?”. It isn't something that I can even remember being mentioned in the prepper community. And, then that really got me thinking!!

Out on my son's homestead it would be difficult to have surveillance/motion cameras that rely upon wifi because of the poor quality of wifi available in the remote location. For instance, I'm not sure the wifi there would be strong enough to handle a surveillance/motion camera at the entrance gate because it's quite a way from the living area where the wifi router is located. And, even if it would work out perfectly, the cameras would not be able to work when/if the grid was down and there was no wifi.

Now, what I am about to say is dependent upon finding a drone that will work without using wifi. They are out there. You may need to use wifi for the initial set up, but I'm talking about using it to fly and record. Make sure you have one that is not dependent upon wifi to run; including taking and recording video.

Why not use a drone on your remote property? Either in addition to motion/surveillance cameras or instead of? Say you hear a vehicle motor and your camera didn't activate or give you a notification of movement. You can grab your drone (that you keep fully charged) and check out your property to see what's going on. Or, say you're bugging out on foot to your bug out location. You're having to stay pretty much under cover. You hear a commotion in the distance. It may be law enforcement or government patrols. You need to know what's going on before you proceed. You can grab your drone from your backpack (or wherever it's located) and check to see what's going on. Kind of like 21st century binoculars. Well, sort of anyway, lol. Which reminds me...binoculars is one thing I still need to add to my BOB contents.

I'm not saying this will work for what I'm wanting. I'm not saying that because I don't know everything there is to know about drones...yet! And, I may never get to that point. But, it is definitely something I will be looking into and seeing if it's even possible to use a drone off grid, without wifi. I'm not worried about charging the batteries because I have solar chargers. However, I will need to make sure I have one that can be charged via USB. I've done a quick look at drones for sale on Amazon, but the ones I saw didn't say if they relied upon wifi to run or not. I did a google search to find out if drones had to have wifi to run and found that some do and some don't. In fact, the ones on Amazon left out quite a bit of information I was looking for. So, I'm probably going to check some out here in the few local stores we have that would carry them just to get an idea of what I would need. After all, even though the internet is helpful, you still can't find everything you need to know about everything there. Sometimes, you need to have the hands on affect.

Some of the things I did find out in my initial checking of drones is that I would want one with a brushless motor; apparently, those are quieter. And, I might want to have a couple of extra charged batteries available, as it seems the batteries take a while to recharge. Although, most of the drones I saw listed on Amazon did come with two batteries, I would still want a couple of extra ones. The drones for adults, not children, ranged in price anywhere from around $59 to up into the $800 range.

I also have to look into the local laws for licensing. Because I'm sure if I get a drone I will want to practice using it and need to know what the laws and regulations in my local area are for them. And that is something I will want to know before actually purchasing one.

Once I have gained more knowledge and information on this subject, and perhaps purchased a drone, I will check back in and share that with you. For now, I just wanted to put the idea out there and see if anyone thought it was a viable option to consider. Maybe you can do your own research and we can compare notes in the comment section below (just scroll down a ways and you will find it).

Do you own a drone? Do you think a drone is something that would work as an OPSEC (Operation Security) tool in a SHTF situation, and/or for a remote homestead in general? Please let us know your take on this in the comment section below.

Until next time...happy prepping, and God bless!