Drones in our preps?

Could they be useful as a part of our OPSEC plan?

Picture of a drone flying in a forest

How would the use of drones play out in a major SHTF situation? I'm talking EMP/Grid down scenario. I've often thought about this. Imagining my group bugging out and on our way to our bug out location on foot when all of a sudden we hear a buzzing sound. We're looking all around us and then look up and discover a drone hovering up above us. The government. They found us!

Well, today I was looking at some drone pictures taken around the world. There were beautiful sites to be seen. It made me think about how cool it would be to have a drone. Then, I thought...”If law enforcement or the government can use drones to find humans who are lost or on the run...” (I'm talking about the SHTF scenario I just spoke of above, not criminals using them. Just so we're clear here. …) ”then why can't we use drones to check our surrounding areas in a SHTF situation?”. It isn't something that I can even remember being mentioned in the prepper community. And, then that really got me thinking!!