Faith and prepping

A woman with folded hands on an open Bible.

I was reading an article about preparing and surviving for when SHTF. It brought to my mind the trials and tribulation we, as Christians, may have to endure in the end times.

Will we be hunted and thrown into camps? Maybe. The biggest, most important thing I need to keep with me at all times is not a physical weapon. It’s not food. What is it? It is my faith in God. Having faith helps keep one going when all surrounding situations fail. It keeps our eyes open to see and our ears alert to hear Him. Faith will also help us endure the worst of what may come.

I often tell myself that pain is temporary, but eternity is forever. I’m bringing up a topic many won’t discuss. I’m talking about torture. There is a chance we may be tortured until we give in and accept the Muslim ways. I will not give in. Pain is only temporary. I would rather die than turn my back on God Almighty. Faith will have to play the biggest part in such a situation. Faith that I will be with God soon. Faith that He will not forsake me.

Romans 10:17, So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. (NKJV)

Faith comes by hearing The Word of God. How can we have faith in God if we don’t know what His Word says? It’s past time to pick up the Bible and study it. It’s time to make sure our lamps are full of oil (See Matthew 25: 1-13, Parable of the Ten Virgins). We are the examples for our families, friends, neighbors and strangers. It’s time to stand our ground, to gather and learn and to show everyone around us what having faith in God is all about.

What will you do if you’re forced to get in a line? One for believers and the other for non-believers. I will take the guillotine over denying God. I will have faith that I will soon be home with our Heavenly Father and loved ones.

I have taught my son these things as well, but we have been slacking on reading our Bibles. It’s our duty, as adults, to not only teach our kids about the Bible, but also to show them how to use The Word in our daily lives.

Sykxx is a contributing writer for Christian Prepper Gal.