Hamburger goulash | Meal-in-a-bag

Just add water!

Hamburger goulash meal-in-a-bag that has been cooked and is in a bowl.

Goulash. A yummy comfort food. This meal-in-a-bag has all the ingredients and taste of my mother's goulash recipe. Apparently, it's not even close to the original Hungarian Goulash. Something I wasn't aware of until I put this recipe together. I just know it's what my mother cooked and she called it goulash. So, if anyone has been misled to believe this is traditional Hungarian Goulash recipe, I apologize.

Moving on. As I mentioned, I took my mother's recipe and converted it for making this meal-in-a-bag recipe. Using freeze dried and dehydrated ingredients to ensure the meal is lightweight for carrying in a backpack and easy to prepare when cooking over a fire or using a cook stove. An added "super" bonus is that you can cook my meal-in-a-bag recipes in the microwave and get the same great results!

If you're not sure what a meal-in-a-bag is, you can read my article, What in the world is a meal-in-a-bag. I fell in love with meals-in-a-bag after making my first one! For real. Since making my first one I decided to try and take some of my favorite recipes and convert them as well. And, this is definitely one of those. Growing up, my mother would prepare goulash at least once a week. I suppose that's why I think of it as comfort food.

This recipe consists of the basic ingredients. You can always add your own spices, additional vegetables, etc. One thing I didn't even know before making this recipe is that goulash usually includes paprika! So, feel free to add some to yours. Oh, I did add some crushed chili peppers during one of my taste tests for developing the recipe. That was good! But, I thought it might be just a little bit too spicy for some, so I left it out of this recipe.