Have you ever just had an "off" week?

Lessons learned and applying them

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This week has really been an "off" week for me, and I haven't really accomplished much of anything. First of all, trying to get back into the swing of things from my short vacation the week before. Then, trying to go through everything I learned about a more self-reliant lifestyle while on vacation; and trying to remember them, lol. Lastly, I had a doctor's appointment because of some abnormalities in my blood pressure readings at my last visit.

Getting back into the swing of things after vacation was hard because not only was I exhausted from the trip and all that we had done, but it was really hard to even want to be here after being there. Truth is, I want to be both places, and that just isn't possible. There will be an upcoming blog article about my vacation that will help you to somewhat understand this.

Remembering the things that I learned while on vacation wasn't really all that hard. But, it did entail remembering and then trying to write them down in a way that would truly convey what I had learned. I had to write them down so I wouldn't forget them in the future. Something us older folks have to deal with from time to time. Memories. Trying to remember what I did this morning is hard enough sometimes, lol.

That last one, though. The doctor's appointment. I had to put if off for a week because it was originally scheduled for the week of our impromptu vacation. So, it was something that was already scheduled; nothing serious had come up to cause it to happen. But, it was something that I was not looking forward to. Anyway, because my blood pressure was high and I'm already on a medication for high blood pressure, the doctor prescribed another medication to add to the one I was already taking. Let's just say neither my brain nor my body liked that new medication. At all. So, I've been dealing with the side affects of said medication. I've also had to decide that I will not proceed with taking that medication. Which is really hard to me to do as I'm very adamant about following rules. However, if a medication is going to cause me not to be able to live a functional life then it is not worth the effort. Is it?

Please forgive me if I got too personal with the medication issue. But, I had to tell you that to get to where I'm going with all of this. Thinking about not taking the medication to help bring down my blood pressure caused me to have to think of things I could do help to bring down my blood pressure without the additional medication. First of all, I have to exercise more (or at least SOME). Secondly, I have to change my eating habits; once again. Both of which (exercising and eating) go back to some of what I learned on vacation. Simple fact is I have to get in better physical shape! As it is, I lead a pretty sedentary life right now, and I know that's not good.

In thinking of my eating choices, and my now smaller budget (another issue entirely) I thought about the freeze dried foods I have purchased and the dehydrated foods I have made. Then, I thought about the recipes that I already have for those food items (my meals-in-a-bag). After checking the nutritional facts for each of each of those food items I came to a conclusion. It would be healthier for me to strictly (for the most part) eat those meals. Plus, it would motivate me to come up with new recipes!

Pretty much anything we buy that is already prepared is loaded with sodium. And sodium is the biggest culprit of high blood pressure. If I had the budget to eat just meat, potatoes, and vegetables I would do that. Well, I probably do have the budget if I cut out all of the other unnecessary foods I buy. But, like many of you, I don't always feel like cooking a full meal three times a day. Although, I know that's what I should do. It makes it harder when you only cook for one. I just wanna grab something that's easy to throw in the microwave, you know? But, those types of foods have affected my (and countless others') health. In a bad way.

So, I'm seriously considering doing just that. Making up a bunch of meals-in-a-bag and eating mostly those for my meals. Not only will it be healthier for me, but it is something I will be accustomed to eating if there was an emergency/SHTF situation. And, not only that, but they are simply delicious! Without all the added chemicals and sodium. Maybe I should call them "healthy meals-in-a-bag"?

I'm also a Type II Diabetic and am on medication for that. My goal is to get off all medication. I realize some cannot do that and I'm not saying it is for everyone. But, for me, it is something that is achievable. And, for me, it's better to tackle this now than wait for a SHTF situation to happen that forces me into it. My body will have time to adjust when I'm not having all the added stress of everything else that could be happening post SHTF.

I implore you, and pray that you too will make a decision to get your body into better physical shape and become healthier. Not only will it benefit you physically, but mentally as well. It's just another way in which we can be "prepared" for any SHTF situation. I will try and touch base with you every once in a while to let you know how this new food/healthier journey is going for me.

Until next time...happy prepping, and God bless!

Romans 14:10, But why dost thou judge thy brother? or why dost thou set at nought thy brother? for we shall all stand before the judgment seat of Christ. (KJV)