Homemade Mac & Cheese Meal-In-A-Bag: The Ultimate Comfort Food

Homemade mac & cheese meal in a bag re-hydrated
Homemade mac & cheese meal-in-a-bag

Comfort foods. We all need them, don’t we? Macaroni and cheese is considered to be the most popular comfort food in America. So, why not have some for your Bug Out Bag (BOB) or your emergency food storage? Well, that was my thinking a while back when I made my first meal-in-a-bag using a popular boxed macaroni and cheese. (At that time, I called them homemade MREs because that was what I knew. However, the term meal-in-a-bag is a more appropriate description.)

Later on I got to thinking, why would I want to feed my family the boxed macaroni and cheese with all of the preservatives and chemicals when I could make it from scratch...

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Note: This is a guest article I wrote for the Rogue Preparedness website. Find out how I made the mac & cheese and get a printable/downloadable recipe there by clicking on the "Read More" link above!