I am D.O.N.E. - as in finished!

Spoiler alert: this is not what I normally write about!

A discouraged woman

I am done! I am soooo done! Enough! I've had enough!! I'm throwing in the towel. As in D.O.N.E. I have been struggling with what to do ever since I came back from my visit with my son. I just can't do it anymore. Yes, I'm talking about this blog site. Not in the way you may be thinking though.

I have pushed and pushed and constantly strive to get the word out about my blog articles and trying to get people to read them. Yes, Christian Prepper Gal's social media presence is growing as a result, but I feel like it is all in vain. As of this writing I am just shy of 600 followers on social media and this website. That's not bad for a woman who has virtually kept to herself and doesn't know many people. The problem? There are only a handful of those almost 600 people actually reading my blog articles. That's right! The most popular recent article has only had 35 views. The majority of articles only have between 6 and 20 something views.