I've been in a funk

It's probably not why you would think!

A woman sitting on the edge of a pier on a lake with mountains in the background

I'm gonna be honest with you...I've been in kind of a funk for the past couple of months. And, believe it or not, it's not been because of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Well, not directly anyway. It's been mostly because I had made the decision I did to move away from my son's homestead. I so loved living there! Not solely because of the land and the views and the location, and the chickens, and all of that, but because of my son and his children being there as well.

Some of you may still be wondering why I left and moved back in with my daughter. It really is kind of a romantic story, it just hit me harder than I thought it would. I've always been very strong emotionally, but for some reason this move away from the homestead broke me down. Hard. In fact, I haven't done much of anything for my blog site or YouTube channel as a result of being so down; and you may have noticed. But, I'm beginning to rise from the depths of the water and am getting back on track now! In fact, I'm back to dehydrating and working on some new Meals in a bag recipes.

So, let's just get right to the reason I chose to leave the homestead. My son, who had been recently divorced (for 8 months) after being separated from his wife for almost two years, met a woman and instantly fell in love with her!! It truly had to be God that brought them together. I could go into details, but I won't, so as to not intrude upon their privacy. Anyway, she lives two and a half hours away from the homestead. After realizing how head over heals he had fallen for her, I knew it wouldn't be long before he would be wanting to spend more time with her, which meant he would be away from the homestead more often and for longer amounts of time. So, I made the quick decision that it would be best for me if I moved back to where I lived before my move to the homestead. Why? Because I knew that they would be marrying soon and he would be moving in with her on her homestead. And, because I'm a senior citizen with no vehicle and was living on a homestead 30 minutes from the nearest town, too far from neighbors to walk to if something happened, and I would be all alone. It just made sense to me. Plus, I didn't want him and his new found love to have to worry about me on top of getting to know one another and spending time together. So, I made the decision, and within a week, my son was driving me back to where I had previously lived.

It's kind of funny because a couple of days after I had made the decision, he told me they had set a wedding date. I was soooo very happy for them!! And, I knew I had made the right decision because who needed an old woman hanging around when they were trying to adept to each other and becoming a family? By the way, she was a widow with eight children living at home. So, there would be a lot of adapting! And, just for the