Just touching base

And some thoughts for the future

I have been so busy focusing on learning how to dehydrate food, how to properly store the dehydrated food, and how to reconstitute the dehydrated food that I haven't had quite as much time for writing articles as I did when I first started this blog. So, I decided just to take some time and tell you about some of the things that have been happening with me.

I've been working hard at preparing and storing the type of food that my family members might actually eat. Especially since discovering how easy it is to dehydrate food; and how space saving and lightweight that food is! I feel like I'm playing "catch up" on food storage, lol. Sure, we have some food that we can eat if we have to "bug in" for a time. I'm more concerned about having enough edible food for a "bug out" situation. We have military MREs, but our backpacks can only hold so many of those; certainly not enough for anything long term. In reality though, I guess I'm trying to accomplish for bugging in and for bugging out. For the most part, I want to have food that my family (and myself) will actually be able to enjoy eating...that may be the only semi-enjoyment we would have in a situation where we would need to tap into our food storage, or grab out bug our bags and head for the woods. Also, a little comfort food would be good in an emergency situation.

Some of the foods I've been experimenting with in the dehydrator I've shared with you. The frozen corn (which really does taste awesome when It's re-hydrated) and the spaghetti with meat sauce. By the way, I've still got to put those meals together; maybe tomorrow. I'm also planning on re-hydrating one meal of the spaghetti to see how well it re-hydrates as well as how it tastes. I think it's important to know if the effort that goes into dehydrating the meals is going to accomplish the goals I have for it. I've also dehydrated some frozen green beans, frozen hash brown potatoes, and frozen broccoli. If you notice that I'm using frozen vegetables a lot, there's a reason for that. I don't have a garden. And, if you don't have a garden you don't have to have one to store up food either. I also have a few boxes of mac and cheese waiting for me to cook and dehydrate the macaroni and then put together some individual mac and cheese meals using the dried cheese packets in the boxes. I might share that experience with you when I get to doing it.

I'm actually thinking about trying to video some of my dehydrating experiments. I'm thinking that it would be more enjoyable (err...I mean educational) to see me in the learning process rather than trying to tell you about it in writing. Although, I could be wrong; it wouldn't be the first time and probably not the last. Okay, pretty sure not the last, lol.

Don't worry, my entire blog won't become about dehydrating. I'm still working on getting informative articles out to you, such as my last article, Preppers and Survivalists. So far, in my writing I've been focusing on new and prospective preppers. As we grow together my articles will move on to more advanced information. Up to this point, we've basically just had an introduction to prepping.

I'm also considering getting a pressure canner. I used to can food many years ago, when I had a garden, but only did water bath canning. I'm just exploring all avenues to long term food storage that I can find available. Wouldn't it be a hoot to watch me trying to learn pressure canning on video? Hmmm... Anyway, if you are into pressure canning, maybe you can give me some pointers in the comment section below.

In the meantime, I'm racking my brain trying to come up with solutions to having the water we would need during any long term emergency situation. We don't have the option of storing more than a few gallons of store bought water. I don't have the funds or storage area for buying the 55 gallon barrels. I'm just not sure what we can do; but I am definitely praying for a solution.

Which brings me to another subject: prayer. If you aren't sure whether you should begin prepping or not, or if you have been prepping for a while and wonder if you should "step it up" then I would ask that you pray about it and seek God's guidance and wisdom. I'm not trying to push anyone into doing anything either way. I just know that there are some of you out there who are still deciding and I feel it is something you should seriously consider. After all, the Bible does tell us to encourage one another (1 Thessalonians 5:11).

One of the things that I've learned as I've moved forward in my prepping efforts is that there is always new knowledge to help me improve my efforts. I started out doing what I thought was right, only to learn that maybe I was being desperate about it and not taking the time to research and find out the best way to steward my prepping efforts. For instance, not rotating our food storage. We've actually wasted some food as a result of that. I seriously became lazy about prepping. It's like I thought we had everything we would need and I could just ignore it because it would be there if we needed it. Boy, was I ever wrong! I guess I didn't get the memo that prepping was a lifestyle, lol. Once I finally saw that memo though, I wanted to do what I could to help others avoid some of the same mistakes I had made.

There was a time where I felt like we were doomed because I couldn't afford a lot of food for our bug out bags. Like I said previously, we had some MREs, but not nearly enough to get the job done. And those camping/trail foods are expensive too! Then, when I discovered there was a way to make my own MREs (dehydrator) I was jumping up and down with sheer joy!!

Shortly after that discovery, my daughter, her teenage son, and I were having a Bible study. As I was preparing for said Bible study, it just came to me..."If you blog it, they will come". (I wrote that sentence down at the top of the page of my notes.) Wow, I had never even thought about blogging anything! Ever! And then, things just took off from there! And that's why I believe it was God who told me to start this blog. It's a way that I can help others along their journey...actually, we can help each other because you can always comment your thoughts, ideas, or gripes in the comment section below.

Well, that's it for now. If you're interested in learning how I'll be putting together the spaghetti with meat sauce meals stay tuned. I will be putting them together within the next day or so (I may have said that before). I'll have pics to go along with the experience.

Until then...happy prepping, and God bless!