Letting a recipe stew and simmer on the back burner for a while

Man putting a pot on the stove.

So, I've been working on a meal-in-a-bag recipe this past week or so. And while it's a great recipe and I've pretty much perfected it, I'm just not sure it's something I want to add to my food preps. Oh, don't get me wrong, the recipe tastes great! It is so close to the very same flavor of my homemade version with "real" food, lol. After having eaten it for three nights in a row, I'm actually craving more of it! However, the texture just isn't what I want it to be. Not only that, but, it really doesn't have the "sticks to your ribs" quality that's going to be needed as much as possible in foods during an emergency situation. I'm not going to give up on it all together, but I am going to have to place it on the back burner for a while.

This is the first meal-in-a-bag recipe that I've had to push back to the back burner. It's not an easy task to do. The thing is that this recipe is not a failure...far from it! I'm just not sure it will fit in with my needs.

I'm pretty sure I'll end up adding it to my preps after I've had time to think on it for a while and tweak it a little bit more. It's just too good to give up on! But for now, I'm putting it on hold.

In the meantime, while the above mentioned recipe sits on the back burner stewing and simmering, I want to work on a recipe for my homemade spaghetti and meat sauce as a meal-in-a-bag. I know that one will work! Ooooh, just thinking about a spaghetti recipe makes me want to come up with a garlic bread bannock recipe too! Maybe I'll do that *wink*.

Another meal-in-a-bag recipe that's on my "to do" list is hamburger stroganoff. I'm in the process of gathering all of the ingredients I would need for it and am pretty close to having them all.

So, even though it's been quiet around here and on my YouTube channel, things haven't been altogether quiet. I'm working on things behind the scenes and should have something new for you soon! You'll want to make sure you stay tuned and watch for what's coming up!

By the way, I'm not going to devulge the name of that recipe that I just placed on the back burner yet. You know, with all the competition and such I don't want the word to get out. Besides, it's a recipe that I have not seen commercially available as of yet and I don't want to give anyone any bright ideas, lol. But, if you are a member of Christian Prepper Gal's Facebook Group you should know what recipe I'm talking about, *another wink*.

Well, that's all I have for now. I just wanted to give you a little update and let you know that I haven't fallen off the grid...yet. I pray that you will have a blessed week and you will be able to check off a few of the items on your "to do" list this week.

Until next time...happy prepping, and God bless!

Proverbs 19:15, Laziness casts into a deep sleep,

And an idle man will suffer hunger. (NASB)