Mac 'n Cheese MREs

Making my dehydrated mac 'n cheese into MREs

dehydrated mac 'n cheese ready to pack into an MRE.
Dehydrated Mac 'n Cheese in vacuum sealer bags with cheese mix and dehydrated milk ready to put together for an MRE.

Finally! I finally got the time to put together the boxed mac 'n cheese that I dehydrated a couple of weeks ago. It's a good thing I stored the dehydrated macaroni in a zip lock baggie in a dark dry place (my kitchen cupboard). I sure didn't plan on it taking this long to get to putting them together in an MRE.

The picture to the left shows the dehydrated macaroni pasta in open vacuum sealer bags ready to put everything together. I used two boxes of mac 'n cheese which is divided into four individual portions. These MREs will be used as a complete meal, not a side dish. You will also see the cheese mixture (2 packs equal almost 2/3 cup) and nonfat instant dry milk (four servings of 1/4 cup per package directions equal almost 1/2 cup) ready to go. Those are the only ingredients I am putting into these MREs. You can add salt and spices according to whatever you (and your family) like and prefer.

I cannot believe the time spent on calculating the exact portions of cheese sauce mix and nonfat instant dry milk it took! I felt like I needed to be a rocket scientist to figure it all out! Well, partly it was my own doing, lol. I haven't had to break down ingredient measurements in quite a while. I will give you the results of my findings along with my walk through below.

Mac 'n cheese pasta

The first thing I did was get my vacuum sealer bags ready. I folded the tops down on the outside to make it easier to put the ingredients in and to keep from making a mess all over the very tops of the bags. I used pint sized zipper vacuum sealer bags for the four individual servings.