My ever changing Bug Out Bag

Don't just pack it and leave it

Bug out Bag. How to organize your bug out bag.

When I first decided to begin prepping it wasn't an easy decision. There was a stigma attached to those who were labeled preppers back then. I had actually considered it for a couple of years before I took that step and began. Thankfully, that stigma has let up somewhat in the past couple of years. Unfortunately, the reason it has let up is that many have suffered grossly and even lost their lives in multiple natural disasters. I can't help thinking that some of those tragic losses could have been avoided if only they would have been more prepared.

As I've mentioned in previous articles, prepping isn't just about food storage. It is so much more! Like many of you, I started out with buying canned goods and other non-perishable food items. That, in and of itself can really take a hit on the budget, but I knew it had to be done. However, over time it does pay off if we're doing it correctly. For example, we should buy foods we will actually eat. We should also rotate our long term food storage pantry by using items that are nearing expiration and replacing them with newly purchased items. By using those products, it leaves room in the food budget for replacing them. To just buy the food products and let them set in the pantry can actually be a waste of our money. Please don't ask me how I know! Okay, well, I'll tell you...because I did that! I started stocking my pantry and then kept adding to it and ignoring what was already there; just pushing it further and further to the back. By doing that I ended up with a lot of expired food products! I'm not just talking about the cans, as most of them will last much longer than the dates stamped on them. But, I'm talking about the oatmeal, pop tarts, crackers, mac and cheese, etc. The non-perishables which in reality aren't actually non-perishable at all. They just don't need refrigeration. Who woulda thunk?? Obviously not me. But thankfully, I did learn by reading articles on the subject of rotating your long term food storage pantry. Of which, I happened to have stumbled upon one and read hundreds more. Why do I do that...overload my brain by reading way too may articles on a particular subject? (Sorry, that was a hypothetical question.)

You may think I'm getting a little off track here based upon the title of this article. But, bear with me as it does have a purpose. You see, just as we need to rotate our food storage, we also need to rotate and update our Bug Out Bags (BOBs).

My First BOB