My great outdoor adventure in the Ozark Mountains

And lessons learned!

A fire in the fire pit with limestone rocks/slabs making the circle border.
The fire pit and fire that we cooked on in the back yard.

It was early Sunday morning that my daughter, her husband, their teenage son and I set out heading for the Ozarks. We were on our way to visit my eldest son and his family. It's about a nine hour drive, and we only had five days. So, with two days for driving, that left us three days to visit. Even though I knew we would only have three days to visit, I took my BOB (bug out bag) along just in case there was an opportunity to practice some of my newly acquired skills (acquired from online articles and videos, lol). My main purpose, of course was to visit my son and his family. Although, when you get right down to it, I just didn't feel safe and secure about leaving my BOB at home. Not when we would be so far away from home. It really just made good practical sense to take it along! If we would have had enough room I would have wanted everyone to take their BOBs, but we didn't.

It was an awesome and glorious time! I finally got to see the land and homestead that my eldest son owns and is building his homestead on! He's living in an RV at the present time, but is working on building his log cabin out of the plethora of trees available on his land. The Ozark Mountains are so beautiful! But, the best part of all? I got to see my son, his wife and their two youngest of their six children!

I have only been to the Ozarks a couple of times in my life. The first time was when my four kids were all still in school and we went down there as a family and camped in a time share campground. I totally fell in love with the area! I love the mountains and being in the midst of them and enjoying God's nature!

The first time I visited my son and his family I fell in love with the Ozarks all over again. He had a really nice home on about 3/4 of an acre of land in a wooded area just outside of town. This time, he's living on ten acres of land in the middle of the mountain forest, 30 minutes from town. I love it even more! I so want to move there!! On his acreage! For real!