National Preparedness Month: Be Prepared Not Scared

Some things we can do this month to be prepared

FEMA/ logo for National Preparedness Month 2019

September is National Preparedness Month here in the U.S. I really like the (FEMA) logo for 2019! Because it's true...the more prepared we are for an emergency or disaster, the less scared we will be when something happens! On their website, (FEMA) provides a schedule of things we can do to prepare during each week of the month of September. In this blog article I will cover those four suggestions as well as add a few of my own. (Note: If you are a prepper, I'm sure you are already aware of all that this article will entail. However, I would ask that you go ahead and read it because it may be something that you can share with your non-prepper family or friends.)

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Week 1: September 1-7

Save Early for Disaster Costs

While this may sound like they are saying to merely save money in case of an upcoming emergency or disaster, they do take it further than that. It is suggested that we gather together our financial and critical documents, consider setting up an emergency savings account, have cash on hand (in case ATMs and credit cards are not working), and making sure you have the proper insurances for your property (including flood insurance if applicable), health, and life. You can read their recommendations in its entirety by clicking here.