Our 2021 Spring Garden

Planting some onion and strawberry seeds; what we're doing differently this year for our seedlings!

Picture of seedling tray, plastic container, measuring cups, and scissors on top of a beach towel that is laid out on a chest style freezer
Our indoor seedlings work space. A beach towel on top of the chest style freezer.

My daughter and I did a thing last week!

We started some of our garden seedlings! Yay! Notice our workspace in the picture above, lol. It's on top of the chest freezer with a beach towel covering it to protect the freezer and make clean up easier. When you don't have a lot of space, you improvise 🙂.

Before I get to the fun part of what we planted I want to touch on a few other things that factored in to getting to this point. First of all, we live in planting zone 5a. Our last frost date this year is projected to be May 4. So, some of you who live in warmer zones most likely have already started your indoor seedlings. Nonetheless, I wanted to take you along with us on our journey, talking about how we're doing things and what we learned from last year's garden.

This is only the second year for a garden for my daughter and I. Years and years (eons) ago, when my children were all small we lived on a farm and I had a very nice, large (huge) garden. However, as I said, that was years ago. Last year when my daughter and I started our garden, it was the first time I grew anything since then. So, I am learning how to do things all over again. I wanted to document our gardening jour