Packing dehydrated spaghetti with meat sauce into meals

The time has finally come

Yes! The time has finally come for me to put together individual meals from the dehydrated spaghetti with meat sauce! As you can see in the photo below, the hamburger meat (hamburger rocks), sauce leather, and spaghetti were all dehydrated and packed separately. I've also got my scale and spice ready to go.

Dehydrated spaghetti spaghetti pasta, sauce leather, and hamburger rocks.
Dehydrated spaghetti spaghetti pasta, sauce leather, and hamburger rocks ready to divide into individual meals.

Since it's actually been a while since I dehydrated the ingredients for the meals, you may want to refresh your memory by going back to the Dehydrating spaghetti with meat sauce article. The ingredients used are for four good sized servings.

The first thing I did to prepare for putting the meals together was to set everything out (as you can see in the photo above) onto the counter top. I got out a box of zip lock baggies (quart size) to put the divided individual ingredients into; and pulled out the amount of bags I would need. Then, I washed my hands and put on disposable kitchen gloves. There are two reasons I use the gloves when working with dehydrated foods. First, is to make sure I'm not touching things that might contaminate the food (the gloves remind me not to). And secondly, to make sure I don't get any oils from my fingers on the food.

I divided up the hamburger rocks, which was originally one pound, dehydrated to 3.06 ounces, into four different baggies. They weren't all the same weight, but fairly close. The rocks actually came to about four one-fourth cup servings (just a little under). I added my one spice I was allowed to use to the hamburger rocks in the individual baggies. I could only use crushed red pepper, lol. However, you can add any spices you want in with your meat at this point. I suppose I could have added the spice(s) to the single baggie of hamburger rocks before dividing it up, but I wanted to make sure each individual serving had the same amount of spice(s).