Prepper Overload

What is it?

What is prepper overload? Is being overloaded the same as being overwhelmed? Some would say yes they are. But, the way I see it they are two different things. I've experienced both. Being overwhelmed or overloaded can happen to any of us, for a multitude of reasons. Either can happen within our daily lives and routines. We reach a point that we either feel like we are going to explode, or we want to completely shut down. Thus, proving Newton's Third Law of Motion: for each action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Is the opposite of this true? For every non-action is there no reaction? Let's find out.

Being overwhelmed

A person can become overwhelmed by the amount of responsibilities and tasks that they are faced with. Having too much on our plates, or taking on more than we can handle, results in a person becoming overwhelmed. Add to that an unknown timeline and you've got the possibility of mega stress!

Preppers have the feeling of a BIG responsibility. The need to make sure we and our loved ones are prepared and ready for any type of emergency/disaster is definitely enough to cause someone to feel overwhelmed. What if I don't have enough time to stock up enough food? How do I know if we will be able to stay put in our house or have to leave? How in the world are we going to survive without electricity or water? The questions running in our minds go on and on.