Priorities: Keeping the faith

These are some of the things The Lord has been impressing upon my mind lately. And, I felt the need to share them with you. I am not perfect, far from it; and I don't now everything there is to know. But, I do know that we help one another by sharing our thoughts, ideas, and goals. So, here are some of mine...

Electronic or hard copy Bible?

One way the Holy Spirit speaks to us is through His Word, The Bible. How can He lead us with an electronic Bible? With paper we can scan through the pages and stop where He leads us to. Can we do that with the electronic Bible? Perhaps, but not nearly as easily as we can with the printed Bible, that's for sure! Something to think about. In fact, I have been thinking about this a lot lately. It seems I was stronger in my faith and heard from The Lord much more often in the past. When I read from my printed Bible and not from the electronic one. Yes, I hear you Lord!

For you see, since I have had the Bible app on my phone, my days of taking out my printed Bible to read are far and few between. This morning, however, The Lord impressed upon me to get out my "Bible" and read from it. To let Him lead me to what He wanted me to hear/see. So, I opened my Bible up and was going to scan some pages when I was compelled to stop right where I had opened it to. Then, my eyes were drawn to a verse that I had highlighted on the left side page. That verse was: Mark 13:13, And you will be hated by all on account of My name. But the one enduring to the end, that one will be kept safe. (MKJV)

In this verse Jesus is talking to Peter, James, John, and Andrew privately. They asked Him what it would be like in the end times. As I was reading this verse I saw in my mind how Christians are being persecuted all around the world; and even right here in our own country. How Christians are seemingly all of a sudden being hated (over the past few years). So much as being "sought out" to be persecuted and ridiculed. This is hard for us to understand here in America because our great nation was built upon faith and trust in God.

However, as I was reading this scripture and seeing what was happening in my mind, God reminded me that just because it has always been does not mean it always will be. At least not here on earth. It is inevitable. In order for His return, these things MUST happen.

This verse is just one small example of how the prophecies concerning the End Times are playing out right before our eyes. So much of the turmoil that is described by Jesus Himself is happening right now in a magnitude that it has never been before. And, not just in our nation, but all over the world!

Getting our priorities straight

We say He is returning soon, yet we go about our daily lives as if He will never return. We focus on what we shall eat, or what we shall wear, where we will go, what we will do, who we will do it with, what we are going to do for fun, etc. etc. (Eating, drinking, and being merry??) We can no longer afford to do this! If we truly believe He is returning soon, then we must begin to prepare and be ready! The most important preparation a Christian can make is to be ready spiritually and mentally. What good will it do to gain the while world and lose your own soul? (Mark 8:36) If you are only preparing physically you will have done so in vain. It is time to also prepare spiritually and mentally.

How do we prepare spiritually and mentally? First and foremost, we accept and acknowledge that Jesus is God's son who came to this earth in the form of a human and gave his life up on the cross as a sacrifice for our sins. But, we don't just stop there We need to read the Bible to learn about who God and Jesus are. We need to know why it is in our best benefit to follow His life and strive to be more like Him. We need to understand the benefits and blessings of treating others with love and not hate. We need to learn how to let His light shine through us so that others may see Him in us. We need to learn how to be wise and make wise choices. We need to learn how to be strong in the Lord and not wishy washy. There are so many things to learn! It's not just about salvation alone. It's about pleasing Him and giving up our lives for Him. And, why would we want to do this? Because He has promised us life everlasting with Himself and Jesus. A life where there is no sickness, evil, or death. You know, that life we all yearn for; the one with nothing but sunshine and rainbows. Love, Laugh, Live. That kind of life! That is what we all strive for, and it is promised to us as a reward for our faithfulness to Him.

So should Christians stop prepping food and supplies?

No, that doesn't mean we should stop prepping food and supplies, or stop learning new wilderness/bushcraft skills. It simply means that we should put our spiritual and mental preparations at the top of the list. It's time to get our priorities sorted out. After all, what good would all the food, supplies, and skills be to us if we were to die? They would do us no good, but knowing and following God would be the greatest benefit of all when we do die.

We do not know how much or how long we will have to endure of what is referred to as the Great Tribulation. The Bible is not exactly clear on that. There are theories, but they really are just that. Theories. God has been warning us to be prepared by storing up food and supplies and being prepared to live in a world of chaos. There is no question in my mind of this. He wants us to be able to endure so that we may be a witness for Him during these troublesome times. If we don't have food and water to keep us alive, how are we going to do that? So, no, we shouldn't stop prepping. But, we should get our priorities in order.

So, as Christian preppers, our top priorities really should be:

  1. Spiritual preparedness (which will produce mental preparedness)

  2. Water, food and supplies

  3. Survival skills

One will not work without the other. We will need all three in order to truly survive what is to come.

I must reiterate, the most important thing a prepper/survivalist (or any human being, for that matter) should be doing is making sure they are right with God. Absolutely none of those other things will even matter in the end if we are not.

As always, your comments or suggestions are welcome in the comments section below. It is my prayer that you will understand how important this need to be spiritually prepared is and that you will heed to it.

Until next time...happy prepping, and God bless!

Joshua 24:15, ...but as for me and my house, we will serve The Lord. (KJV)