Ramen Noodles for bartering?

They just might work in a major SHTF situation!

A package of ramen noodles

I just had an amazing thought!! And, I wanted to share it with you!! Okay, so I'm one of those really weird people who actually likes ramen noodles. And, when trying to decide what to have for lunch today, I decided upon ramen noodles. When my noodles were done and ready for me to eat, I had this flash of an idea in my head...why not buy up TONS of ramen noodles for my preps? Not just for my family...but to use as barter items as well! I mean, after all, they are soooo inexpensive to buy!! I could buy an awful lot of them, even on my tiny budget.

Not only would they be good for bartering, but they would also be good to have on hand to fill in and help stretch your own meals. And, if you had extra people show up that you could not turn away when SHTF, then having ramen noodles on hand would help in that situation as well. I'm talking about those pesky family members, friends, and neighbors who know you prep and say that they don't need to prep because they'll just go to your house if something happens.

For my own preps, I'm not thinking they would be all I would have on hand. There would be no nutrutional needs being met if that were the case. However, having some stocked up that you could eat once a day (or even just occasionally) in addition to your other foods would be a very good thing. Your more nutritional food would last longer, and you would not be left with nothing but ramen noodles to eat when all your other food ran out.

I know a lot of hikers use ramen noodles for some or most of their meals. They're lightweight, easy to cook, and you can add all sorts of spices and things to them to give them a better taste, and maybe even add some nutrition to them.