Re-hydrating the dehydrated frozen corn

Re-hydrating the corn was so easy! I could smell it as soon as I opened the vacuum sealed bag; it smelled just like cooked sweet corn on the cob!

I decided tonight that I would go ahead and try re-hydrating the corn and have it to eat with my supper. I got out the vacuum sealed corn, measuring cups, and a couple of bowls and got started on it. I measured out one serving (1/4 cup) of the dehydrated corn and poured it into the glass serving bowl. All the while, smelling the delicious aroma. I didn't really expect it to smell so good, but then I didn't actually know what to expect.

In the picture on the right you can see the dehydrated corn in a bowl ready for me to add water to it. I put 1 cup of water in another bowl and put it in the microwave to boil. I wasn't sure how much water I needed; by calculations normally used I would need 1/3 cup of water. (You take the weight of the product before dehydrating and then the weight after dehydration and subtract the lesser weight and that's how much water to add back in to re-hydrate. And then I divided that by 4 because I wanted to make 4 servings.) But, just to be sure I had enough I put 1 cup of water in to boil. It was a good thing I did because that 1/3 cup of water just barely covered the corn. So, I added another 1/3 cup of water to it to thoroughly cover the corn and allow for its expansion. Then I stirred the corn and placed another glass bowl over top of it to hold the heat in so the hot water could do it's thing.