Reflections: Taking some time to absorb what I've learned

And a bit of rambling about conspiracy theories

Taking the time to reflect on my prepper needs and absorb the knowledge.
Taking the time to reflect on my prepper needs and absorb the knowledge I have gained.

Today is a day for reflections for me. A day to think about all that I have read and watched concerning prepping/survival in the past few months. Sometimes our brains can become overloaded with knowledge and other peoples' ideas. When that happens, it's a good idea to stop, take a moment, reflect, and absorb. What is good for (or works for) one person may not apply to me and my situation. I'm speaking specifically regarding the prepping/survival world here. There is so much to absorb and take in. But, we should only retain those things which will be useful for us in our own environment. It's a bit different for me though. Because of my desire to pass on the knowledge I gain to others in hopes of helping them. Which means, I need to be aware of the needs of several different situations and scenarios. So, today is a day that I need to stop and take a moment to reflect on what I specifically need to glean from all of the ideas and knowledge that I have obtained over the past few months.

It really isn't much different from listening to a pastor's sermon, or a Bible teacher's teachings. We should always search the Bible to make sure that sermon or teaching lines up with it. Not to be judgmental, but to see what God's word says about it because humans are not perfect. We have a need or desire to add our own words and experience when we tell something. Whether it be a sermon, Bible teaching, or any other teaching or story really. It's the same way with the prepping/survival world. Those who teach or share tend to teach and/or share what is relevant to them, or what they "think" may be relevant to others. I encourage you to do this. To watch and listen, but before completely absorbing what you saw or heard, make sure it lines up with what your specific needs and situation are.

Conspiracy Theories

For instance, most conspiracy theories tend to instill fear in us. Perhaps that is the whole intention in the first place, perhaps not. Either way, we need to be careful not to be motivated by fear. There is a difference in healthy fear and unhealthy fear. Unhealthy fear may cause us to act without looking at