The two most important things a prepper needs

Are you really as prepared as you thought?

Preppers need to be strong mentally and spiritually
Being truly prepared goes beyond having the basic supplies, skills, and knowledge.

I'm a Christian. I'm a prepper. I'm a gal. And that's how I came up with my blog name. Pretty simple, eh? That depends. Coming up with the name was simple, but representing what it means is a bit more complex. And yet, at the same time, pretty simple. Have I confused you yet? Well, I hope to ease some of that confusion.

Being a prepper, or even thinking about becoming one, means that we realize, or at the least acknowledge, the fact that this world, as we know, it may be coming to an end in our lifetime. So, we make an effort to do what we can to prepare ourselves for what we see may be coming down the pike. We store our food, water, and whatever we deem to be necessities; we learn new skills, whether that be homesteading, bush craft, first aid/medical, or basic survival skills; and we make a plan, maybe more than one plan. But, what are we doing to prepare ourselves mentally and spiritually? Some have caught on to that one, and I commend you. But, have the majority of us caught on? Have we taken the steps to truly prepare ourselves both mentally and spiritually for what might lay ahead?

You see, I believe that to prepare ourselves mentally and spiritually are virtually one in the same; they kind of go together. At least that's how I see it. And to me, those are the two most important aspects to being prepared. You can have all the knowledge and skills you need to forge ahead in a SHTF situation, but if you aren't prepared both mentally and spiritually you may not last very long. In addition to physical strength to withstand whatever may come our way we also need a healthy mental and spiritual strength to do so. In fact, you may have physical strength, but without mental and spiritual strength, you may fail. However, on the other hand, you may not have enough physical strength to prevail, but if you have mental and spiritual strength you can and most likely will prevail.

One example of not having enough physical strength but having strong mental and spiritual strength can be found in the Bible. Namely, King David. He wasn't always a king. In fact, he was born into a family that raised sheep. He was a shepherd. And yet, that gangling teenage boy was able to face and defeat a man who could only be described as being a giant. A giant that the king's army was unable to defeat. Only, he didn't have the physical strength necessary to kill that giant and save his people from inevitable doom. The armor the king tried to get him to wear was wa