This is it! This is what we have been preparing for!

And I have plans to leave my bugout location? In the middle of it all?

A pile of loose rolls of toilet paper
Did you stock more than toilet paper??

In case you haven't noticed, we (the entire world) are in a SHTF situation. I guess you could call it a "global SHTF" situation. This is one of those times that we have all been preparing for. Some have been planning for years, some for months or weeks. It's not like we wished it to happen, it's just that we wanted to be prepared "if" anything like this were to happen. To what am I speaking of? Quite obviously, I'm speaking of the Covid-19 Pandemic of 2020. (The date reference is for those who may read this years from now.)

Even though the grocery and big box stores are being re-stocked on a daily basis, most are only re-stocking after hours. Thus leaving a lot of shelving space bare by the time some of us get to the store. Unfortunately, some items are not even being re-stocked. Speaking of which, what was up with the toilet paper run? Was that the preppers saying, "oh sh#t!" and running out and grabbing the TP they intended to stock up on and hadn't? Or was it a panic reaction from those who had heard of prepping and never felt the need to do so? Or, was it just because of some crazy rumor somewhere? Whatever it was, I hope you were already stocked up! Okay, back to my original point in this paragraph...even though it may appear that we, as a country, are running out of foods and some necessities, we are not. Yet. So, if you don't have to risk going out in public to purchase foods, please don't. The more we can stay out of the public and the less interaction with others, the sooner this virus will have no where to go. If you have food stored, please stay home and eat that. People, S has HTF. This is why you've stored the food. Please take care of yourselves and your families by voluntarily quarantining yourselves and your family as much as you can.

And yet here I am, in the middle of a pandemic, packing and preparing to leave the homestead (my bugout location, nonetheless). And, unless I am stopped by a ban on road travel I will be leaving this weekend. I am heading back to where I lived just a few months ago, before moving to the homestead. It's only a temporary move, but still one that must be made. Please note that this move is not due to anything bad happening, nothing is wrong, I'm not in any kind of trouble, and it has nothing to do with my health. It's just something that I need to do. I'm sure I will share with you my reason for making this temporary move sometime in the near future...such as when I return to the homestead.