• sykxx

Three mushroom clouds in the air

What would you do?

A person wearing a gas mask with smoke all around.

My son was telling me about a recurring dream he had. He said he looked out the window and saw three mushroom clouds in the near distance. That’s all he could remember, but it got me to thinking. I wondered what I would do if I looked out and saw mushroom clouds. Would I be prepared? I sat down and scribbled some things on paper that I may need in case of such an occurrence.

Things I asked myself

What would be your first reaction to a mushroom cloud? Do you have a plan in case something like this ever happens? How would you reach your loved ones if the power was out and phone lines were jammed? Do I have enough food, water, or even clothes? I kept thinking of things I would need if I were to stay put at home and not be able to leave the house for a few days (or more).

Write it down

An open notebook with a pen.

Then, I scribbled down possible things I thought I may need, or need to do immediately.

Plastic and duct tape for the windows. Gather all of our important documents. Fill the tub with water. Fill buckets with water (for flushing the toilet). Have my walkie talkies charged, and an emergency radio at the ready. Know where my BOB bags and medical kit are and make sure they’re within reach. Build barricades once everyone is inside, set traps so we know if someone tries to enter. Gather my family and pets and move to the safest area of the home. Put on gas masks until we know the air quality. Get water and more water. Have food stocked up.

There is so much more, but this is why we prepare. The point of preparing is to have things and plans in place before a disaster strikes, not after.

Then, I started thinking about looters. Would I be prepared to protect my family if police or looters broke in? Another good discussion to have with family and friends.

I suggest sitting down with like minded family and friends and having discussions. Work out a plan. Be on the same page.

The more prepared I am, the less fear I have. Things can happen so quickly! No matter how prepared we are, it may still be a time of panic and chaos.

This is something that could very well happen. Don't get caught unprepared! There is plenty of information on to use for reference on how to be prepared.

- Sykxx

Sykxx is a contributing writer for Christian Prepper Gal.