Unboxing instant mashed potatoes

And putting them into mylar bags!

picture of ingredients for putting instant mashed potatoes into mylar bags
Ingredients and mylar bags for unboxing the instant mashed potatoes.

Why would I take instant mashed potatoes out of the box and put them into mylar bags? What would the purpose in doing that be? Well, let me start by saying this. A lot of preppers will take a box of instant mashed potatoes and put it into a mylar bag because doing so increases the shelf life of them. Left in the box, air can seep in and the potato flakes can only take so much of the air and will eventually lose their texture and flavor. In the food industry, they call that "expiring". However, put those potato flakes into a mylar bag where air can't get to them and they will last indefinitely!

package of idahoan buttery homestyle instant mashed potatoes in a bag

I've known for a couple years now that some preppers were taking their instant mashed potatoes out of their boxes and putting them into mylar bags. But, I've been buying individual packages of instant mashed potatoes; like the ones in the pic to the right. And, I figured those would be good enough for our long term food storage. Until now.

Now, more than ever, I want to have as much control as I can as to what I eat and what ingredients go into my foods. So, I thought about it, a lot. I prayed about it, a lot. And, I decided that as I rotate my long term food storage pantry, I will replace the prepackaged instant mashed potatoes with ones that I package myself. Not only will I have more control of the ingredients in doing this, but I also have confidence that the mashed potatoes I package will last anywhere from 5-10 years without having to go past the expiration date like I might have to with the prepackaged ones. Because the instant mashed potato flakes will last virtually forever if packaged and stored properly. And, even with the added powdered milk, butter, and optional cheese, that I added to them, their expected shelf life is between 5-10 years. I'm counting on them lasting even longer because that 5-10 years is basically how long they would stay fresh tasting. I could handle them losing a little bit of flavor or change of texture in 15 years if I needed them to last that long. But, since I will be rotating them just like I do the prepackaged ones, I won't really have to worry about them lasting beyond 5-10 years so much. I was basically letting you all know in case you needed them to last that long 🙂.

That's it for now. I just wanted to share this awesome idea of storing up your instant mashed potatoes with you. I've been super busy lately learning how to ferment more foods and drinks because I'm trying to get healthier and in better shape. But, I do expect to be busy with more meals in a bag recipes over the fall and winter months. I'm working on one recipe right now that involves chicken, black beans, cauliflower rice, and homemade taco seasoning. I hope to have it ready to share with you within the next week!

Until next time...happy prepping, and God bless!

2 Timothy 4:2, Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke,

exhort with all long suffering and doctrine. (KJV)

Packing Instant Mashed Potatoes into family sized servings in Mylar Bags (DOWNLOAD/PRINT RECIPE)

Makes 4 servings


2 cups potato flakes

1/3 cup powdered whole milk (I used NIDO)

3 TBSP powdered butter

2 TBSP powdered cheese (optional, for cheesy mashed potatoes)

¾ tsp salt

2-3/4 cup boiling water (for cooking)


Add the dry ingredients to a quart sized mylar bag or canning jar.

If using mylar bag add an oxygen absorber to the mylar bag and seal it using a hair straightening iron or a clothes iron that is not set on steam.

If using a canning jar, seal the jar using a vacuum sealer with lid attachment, or put an oxygen absorber into the jar and close the lid tightly.

Should have a shelf life of around 5-10 years if packaged and stored properly. If you don't add the powdered milk and butter (or powdered cheese), the shelf life should be indefinite. Also, if you don't add the powdered milk and butter (or powdered cheese), use 1 cup less water when cooking.


Boil 2-3/4 cups water. Remove from heat.

Remove oxygen absorber from mylar bag.

Pour contents of mylar bag into boiling water and stir. OR, pour the boiling water into mylar bag and stir.