Unboxing instant mashed potatoes

And putting them into mylar bags!

picture of ingredients for putting instant mashed potatoes into mylar bags
Ingredients and mylar bags for unboxing the instant mashed potatoes.

Why would I take instant mashed potatoes out of the box and put them into mylar bags? What would the purpose in doing that be? Well, let me start by saying this. A lot of preppers will take a box of instant mashed potatoes and put it into a mylar bag because doing so increases the shelf life of them. Left in the box, air can seep in and the potato flakes can only take so much of the air and will eventually lose their texture and flavor. In the food industry, they call that "expiring". However, put those potato flakes into a mylar bag where air can't get to them and they will last indefinitely!

package of idahoan buttery homestyle instant mashed potatoes in a bag