We may need to change the way we prep at some point

And a quick update!

Generic pic of home canned foods.

Everyone's prepping needs are different. They are not all the same; no one size fits all. For instance, before I moved to the homestead our plans were two-fold; depending on the circumstance we would most likely encounter during a SHTF situation. We prepped for both bugging in and bugging out, with bugging out being our main focus. We had decided that if any type of national or regional crises were to happen wherein our local citizens would need to be directed to FEMA camps we would bug out as early as possible. So, we had a long term food storage pantry, but it did not contain as much as most preppers' do. Now that I'm living on the homestead my prepping needs have changed. In fact, they are quite the opposite.

The homestead is my ideal bug out location. If something major were to happen we would most likely not need to bug out. However, there's always that chance that something could happen to cause us to have to bug out. So, as I said, quite the opposite of what I am used to having to focus on. Although, I will still focus on being prepared for both bugging in and bugging out, my main prepping focus here on the homestead will be building up a long term food storage pantry.

The need for basic (and some advanced) bushcraft skills still remains here on the homestead, as well as the need for foraging and trapping/hunting skills. So, I will continue to learn and practice bushcraft skills as well as working towards learning the others. After all, we do not know what the future holds for us. But, God does. If you ask Him and follow His lead, He will direct you to how you need to prepare you and your family for whatever is to come.

Update/what's coming up

I'm the kind of person who has to analyze everything. And, believe me when I say that I have a great tendency to over-analyze things. Anywho, I have been going over and over in my mind what I need to do to start back up on my prepping here on the homestead, as well as what I want to share with you here and on Youtube. That is one reason I haven't been as active here or on Youtube as I normally am; I'm still trying to figure out where to go with both. However, while I'm still working on getting things figured out, I am planning on continuing to develop a new meal in a bag recipe that I had started working on before the move. Actually, there are two recipes I was working on: Beef Stroganoff, and Chicken & Broccoli Alfredo. I'm gathering/preparing the ingredients I need for making both, and I can't wait to get started on actually putting the meals together! So, make sure you stay tuned to see which one I finish first! I'm also thinking that I should do a video on putting together my homemade mac & cheese meal in a bag recipe. By the time I get all of the recipes and meals finished and posted, I should have more of an idea of where I want to go from there. I hope. Lol.

It is my prayer that you will heed to the prompting of The Holy Spirit in guiding you in your prepping needs for your and your family. That you won't just follow someone's guidelines, but you will actually seek God's guidance and wisdom regarding your need for prepping and what to prep for.

Until next time...happy prepping, and God bless!