What is an INCH bag?

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Wow! I have just discovered something new. I had never heard of an INCH bag until today. Have you heard of one? Can you imagine seeing a bag that is only one inch in size? Me either, although I suppose there could be such a thing out there, somewhere. Apparently, in this case, INCH is an acronym that stands for I Am Never Coming Home. Thus, the INCH bag.

So, apparently, my BOB (Bug Out Bag) is actually an INCH bag. Who knew? I sure didn't! I was just preparing for the worst case in which I would have to bug out and live off the land. Ever since I started prepping my BOB I have had the mindset that it would be for bugging out with the knowledge that I would not be coming home. I suppose though not everyone has that mindset when they prepare their BOB.

To me, it's funny how things seem to be labeled to death. You know, like why can't our BOBs contain self-sustaining/survival contents? Why do we have to break it down and separate the contents into different categories/labels? With that in mind I will still call my INCH bag a BOB. At least for now. Why? Because that's what it started out as, and because it's much easier to say and remember, lol. And, for the record, I will continue to refer to the BOB and not the INCH bag in my blog posts. It will make it less confusing. Oh, I don't know which would be less or more confusing. BOB...INCH bag. Nope, I'm sticking to my first instinct. My BOB will remain a BOB. Because if I ever have to bug out, I know I will not be hopeful of ever returning to my home and my BOB will be prepared for that scenario.

There are definitely cases where you would want to have a BOB readily available. But seriously, if you found yourself in an emergency/disaster situation where you had to be gone for 3-5 days, isn't that what the Red Cross and FEMA refer to as an emergency kit? And, then if you prepare a kit expecting to be gone longer than 3-5 days, isn't that called a BOB? I can definitely see the difference between those two. But to me, a BOB is meant for bugging out. Bugging out essentially means, getting the heck out of Dodge. In the old westerns when the cowboys or bad guys left Dodge, they left with the knowledge that they would not be returning. At least that's how I look at it. Oh well, I suppose there are more people on this earth than just little ole me. And, I suppose we all have our own ideas.

I just had a thought...should we actually be preparing three separate bags? One as an emergency kit, one as a BOB, and one as an INCH bag? To me, that wouldn't make sense at all. Because my personality is both practical and logical it makes more sense to me to have the contents of all three bags put together into one bag. That way I would be prepared for whatever situation may arise. Am I wrong in thinking that?

Again, it seems it all breaks down to labels. So, instead of saying I have an INCH bag, I should call my BOB an ultimate model. You know like the BOB, but upgraded with more amenities. Ultimate BOB. I have an ultimate BOB. Yes that's it! I can run with that; although not BOB weighs too much, lol.

So, to better help you understand the difference between a BOB and an INCH bag, here's a link to the video that I ran across on YouTube that explains it. I will research the INCH bag in more detail, which could result in me changing my mind as to what to my BOB is. But until then, my BOB is a BOB. So far, I've already scratched the ultimate level; it's too big of a mouthful to say. BOB is so much more simple and easier to say. Practicality in practice, lol.

Until next time...happy prepping, and God bless!