When it comes to prepping, are you a glamper or a camper?

Something to think about

Picture of a tent in the woods
My idea of a camper
Picture of an RV in campground
My idea of a glamper

I've seen posts and comments in online prepper groups where people recommend going camping as a way of learning how to live and survive in a SHTF (S*it Hits The Fan) situation. Naturally, they are referring to a MAJOR SHTF situation, not the somewhat mild one we are currently experiencing with the COVID-19 pandemic. Yes, the pandemic is worldwide and has affected pretty much every human being on this planet. But, it still has not been major as far as SHTF scenarios go.

As preppers, a lot of us have our minds set on making preparations for the worst case scenarios. What would be a worst case scenario to you? Some of the things we prep for include things such as job loss, sudden health issues, vehicle accidents, injuries, etc. While those would be very impacting, they are not what would be considered a major SHTF for die-hard preppers. And yet, those things are what some consider their sole reason for prepping. I'm not saying it's a bad thing. Not at all. It's better to be somewhat prepared than not prepared at all. But, those whose only focus on prepping are for these things are those whom I would consider glampers and not campers. Here, let me explain...

Glampers love the outdoors. They want to be in the midst of and experience nature at it's finest. They love the peace and quiet of camping and the experience of living life a little bit differently than their normal routines. For the weekend, or a week or two. And, even though they enjoy the experience of camping, they cling to the modern conveniences they are accustomed to. Things such as running water, flushing toilets, electricity, televisions, wifi, refrigerators, stoves, sleeping in an actual bed, etc. And, I can understand this, I really can. But, are they truly experiencing camping the way it was meant to be experienced? Are they really getting in tune with nature? In reality, they are dabbling in it. They are simply testing the waters; just dipping their toes in it. They are NOT letting go of their comforts and the things they are used to and jumping in! (Note: Those who are glampers as a result of physical or mental disabilities are exempt from this analogy.)

Campers, on the other hand love the outdoors. They want to be in the midst of and experience nature at it's finest. They love the peace and quiet and the experience of living life completely differently than and away from their normal routines. For as long as they can possibly get away. They learn to live without the modern conveniences they are used to. They sleep in a tent, on the ground, inside a sleeping bag. Some even sleep outside, under the stars. They learn to cook outside on a fire. They learn different techniques for lighting fires in different weather conditions. They learn how to store their food without having a refrigerator. They learn how to get access to water. They learn how to find and gather wood for their camp fires. They jump in with both feet, full force! They become one with nature.

I've never been a glamper. In fact, some of my favorite camping trips were the ones that were primitive. You know, just a tent and sleeping bag and some food (okay, we did take water and drinks). But, no running water. No flushing toilets. Sometimes not even an outhouse! We even had to find our own firewood. I am so thankful for those camping trips because I learned so many good survival skills as a result of them. And, I've also had the desire to learn even more survival skills.

There are a lot of new preppers out there as a result of the current pandemic. And, a majority of them remind me of glampers. It's like they know they need to have food and household essentials stored up, and that's what they are focused on. Having food and household essentials is certainly one of the most important things we need in order to be prepared, but there is so much more we need to do to be prepared for whatever lies ahead. As we've seen with this pandemic, things can change and happen almost overnight. People who said they didn't need to prepare or be ready for anything because “that kind of stuff doesn't happen here in the U.S.” have certainly found out differently and changed their minds over the past few months. But still, many have the mindset that if they have enough food, toilet paper, and cleaning products that is all they need. Because those were the things that were scarce as a result of the pandemic. However, not every major disaster or SHTF is going to be as easy going as this pandemic has been. For me, this has only been a wake up call. But, many think that this is the kind of thing preppers have been preparing for, for years and decades. It isn't.

Then there are the die hard, serious preppers. They remind me of regular ole campers (tent campers). They're ready to face the future! Ready for whatever may come their way! They not only have food and household essentials stored up but they've also accumulated some survival skills, knowledge, and equipment along the way. They are prepared to live in their home without the convenience of electricity or water and other utilities. They know what they need to know and have what they need to have in order to survive without the conveniences and comforts that we are all familiar with. They have what they need to cook if their stoves won't work. They know how to start a fire and how to cook over one; they even have the proper equipment to do so. They know how to find water and make it drinkable. In fact, they already know where the nearest available water is locally. Most will also have a security system ready at hand as well as protection for themselves and their families. They are prepared to bunker down in their homes with the possibility of no public utilities. For a long time, if need be. They are campers. They can camp out in a tent (without modern conveniences) for an extended period of time.

Then we have the primitive campers, who take things just a step further. They have all of the skills, knowledge, and equipment of regular campers, only more. They are prepared for the possibility of having to leave the comforts of their home. In fact a lot are expecting that very thing to happen and they are either prepared or are getting prepared. They have the skills and equipment they would need if they would have to leave the city and live out in the woods or the middle of nowhere. They know how to hunt, trap, and how to process the animals they trap or kill for cooking and eating. They know how to fish and prepare the fish for cooking and eating. Most even know how to forage the land for food. If they had to leave the comfort of their homes and survive, they are prepared to do so. They are prepared to live off the land. In the prepping world, these primitive campers would mostly be referred to as “survivors”. They are truly prepared to survive. Anything.

So, what kind of prepper are you? Are you a glamper? Or a camper? Something to think about. We all have room to grow our skills and knowledge.

It is my prayer that you will decide if you want to be a glamper or a camper prepper. That you will be open to which one you need to be in order to be totally prepared for the unknown future. And, that you will make the commitment it will take to get there.

Just for the record...I consider myself to be a primitive camper. A survivalist. At least that's my ultimate goal.

Until next time...happy prepping, and God bless!!

“Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God:

I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee

with the right hand of my righteousness.” Isaiah 41: 10 (KJV)