When your spouse doesn't support your prepping

Could you shut the door on your family?

Couple sitting on couch in disagreement.

I was just watching a video on YouTube about Can you REALLY bug out? Some lessons and then clicked on a link the YouTuber provided to a book he had written. While reading the book description, there was a sentence that more or less stated that you need to have your spouse on board with your prepping. That lead to the thought that I do have a family member whose spouse is not on board concerning prepping. Which lead to me writing this blog. See how my mind works? LOL.

As I was thinking about having your spouse, significant other, family member or loved one on board with prepping and the possibility of bugging out, I remembered something I had said to this particular family member. The one whose spouse is not on board. I remembered talking to her about that very thing one day, and saying to her, "You know, you need to be prepared to make a decision on whether or not you would leave him behind if we had to bug out". She solemnly agreed that yes, she would have to be prepared to make such a decision. Well, you see, it's not only herself that she needs to be concerned about, but they also have a child who will still be living at home for several years. That would be one tough decision to make!

To me, in that situation, there is no doubt what I would decide. Although, it may seem that making the decision would be the hardest part; in my mind, following through with that decision would be the hardest part. I like to believe in this case, her spouse would have his eyes opened when things went down and would realize that she truly did know what she was talking about, and would be grateful she had done the prepping. However, that may not always be the case.

For instance, there may be people out there (and I'm sure there's a LOT of them) who would still believe that our government would take care of them and provide for them if something catastrophic on a national or near-national level happened. And, even though they would see what is happening, would still choose to stay sheltered in place and let the government sort things out and take care of them.