Why do some people refuse to acknowledge the need for prepping?

Are they merely in denial? Or is it fear?

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I've often wondered how some people can ignore/reject the need for prepping. I personally do not understand how anyone could ignore it or reject it. After all, my mother always taught me "it's better to be safe than sorry". Which translated in prepper terms would be, it's better to be prepared than unprepared.

"By failing to prepare you are preparing to fail" - Benjamin Franklin

I mean, just take a look around. The world is falling apart, including the United States. A failing economy, a gun control battle, a failing infrastructure, cyber attacks, capitalism vs. socialism, moral decline, mass shootings, battles against law enforcement, civil unrest, political parties at war amongst themselves, threats of nuclear attacks, sanctions, Russia's passive-aggressive attacks, China breathing down our necks, freedom of religion dissolving, unemployment, illegal immigration, and a resurgence of racism. And people, that's just in America! If you don't believe me, just go to any main stream media website and see for yourself. I would say turn on a national news channel, but it seems anymore they aren't much more than a glorified talk show.

Each and every one of the above instances is enough to cause chaos and mayhem. Enough to cause a declaration of Martial Law. Yes, to some extent, we've always had some of these issues, but in recent times they have been expediently growing and building up to a point where they are getting ready to explode if something doesn't happen quickly to stop it!

It's no wonder that some choose to close their eyes and not see what's going on around them. That some live in fear and hide from it. Most people fall into one of three categories when it comes to these matters.

  1. Those whose focus is only on their own little world and are seemingly oblivious to what is going on around them.

  2. Those who live in fear and choose to ignore what is going on around them.