Why meals in a bag (or jar)?

And, hey I'm back!

First off, let me say that I thought I could retire Christian Prepper Gal (CPG). I was tired and didn't have the motivation and energy needed to keep things going as they were. So, I thought the answer was retirement. After all, when the time came, I retired from my job, and thought retiring from being CPG would be pretty much the same. Well, it wasn't. Being CPG has actually become a part of me. Whereas, working for someone else was just a job, not who I am. It was me utilizing my skills, but it was not really a part of me. As much as I have tried to just let sleeping dogs lie, I am unable to do so because being CPG was a part of who I am. And it began to seem as if that part of me was missing.

To help matters along, just a couple of weeks after I posted the article, “The time has come for me to retire”, I found myself at my son's homestead in the Ozarks of Arkansas for a visit. Not the homestead that I've shared with you all both here and on my YouTube channel, but an upgraded and fairly new homestead for him. I may tell you more about that at another time, but what I want to share right now is that while there I realized that I felt so much more at home and in my element than I did at my actual home. So, I decided I would accept my son and his fairly new wife's invitation of after returning home, me going back and spending the winter (or longer) with them.

Fast forward...I am here in Arkansas and have been for eight (8) weeks today. During these eight (8) weeks, I have been acclimating to the HUGE change in my daily schedule, with six (6) grandchildren out of eight (8) living in the home, and the surroundings on this beautiful 18 acre homestead. All the while, I've had thoughts like, “oh I write about and share this with...” or, “I should take pics and share them...” and other similar thoughts. Only to realize that I am no longer sharing anything on my blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or in the Facebook Group. In fact, I had removed the entire presence of CPG from everywhere online except YouTube. The only reason I kept her there was because of the small following of subscribers and daily visitors. Or so I thought. It seems God had other plans in mind.

In the time that I have been here my monthly Social Security Retirement pay increased just a bit to help with the “cost of living”. Strange thing is that was another reason I had retired CPG: the money it was costing each month to keep the website up and running had become a burden to me. To my surprise, the increase in pay was enough to cover those charges. Imagine that. God is Good, All the time. Even when we aren't expecting it!

Well, slowly I started to realize that perhaps I needed to think about bringing Christian Prepper Gal back to life. Had I realized the things that were going to change so soon, I probably would have hung on just a big longer and not retired her. There are so many things happening in my life now that I not just want to, but need to share with like-minded people!

So, here I am. Rebuilding CPG. The first thing I did when I realized that was what I needed to do, was get the blog site up and running again. I'm currently working on getting another Facebook page set up, but am unsure as to how much more I want to do on social media just yet. I also have a new meal in a bag recipe in mind that I want to share, but am waiting on a few things before I can do that. And then, there's all these other things I want to eventually share with you regarding this new (to me) homestead!!

I know one of my main reasons for retiring CPG was that I wanted to focus more on things above (God). What I didn't realize at the time was that what I was writing and sharing were things of God. This was and is more than just sharing knowledge as I gain it. It is a ministry that God has anointed me to do. It took me leaving it to realize that and there importance thereof. I hope and pray that you all can understand I had to go through the breakup in order to have my eyes opened.

Okay, so now that we've gotten that out of the way, let's talk about why I make meals in a bag (or jar).

Why meals in a bag (or jar)?

The number one reason I make meals in a bag (or jar) and keep them on hand is for emergency situations. For example, just recently, the person in our household who does the grocery shopping and most of the cooking has been in bed sick with some type of virus. For a little over a week now. I cannot explain how difficult that was for me when I realized we may not be able to get groceries. I mean, there are nine (9) people living in this house! And, I do not have my food preps here! Fortunately, as it turned out, we were able to do our normal weekly grocery pickup. But, what if we hadn't been able to? What if no one would have been able to do our regular grocery pickup? Having meals in a bag (or jar) would have been a life saver! Another time they came in handy for me was when the pandemic first broke out and the store shelves were becoming empty and bare. I didn't have to worry because we had enough food in the house to last us a while. We are beginning to experience similar scarcity in some areas of our country (USA) once again.

Another reason I prepare and have on hand meals in a bag (or jar) is in case we ever have a major SHTF (Stuff Hits The Fan) happen. I think of SHTF as an emergency situation that will last for more than a month or two. A situation where we may not have access to electricity, food, transportation, etc. Something that could happen that could last long term. This is where having the meals in a bag (or jar) would truly be considered life saving.

Finally, I like having the meals handy simply for when I want a quick microwave meal. I so prefer my homemade meals to store bought microwave meals! They are both healthier and safer.

You may be wondering why I'm referring to them as meals in a bag (or jar)??? Well, that's because the meals can be stored either in mylar bags or canning jars. Some people refer to use one over the other. I actually use the mylar bags because they take up less space, they are easy to grab and take camping, or on a trip, and I don't have to worry about jars breaking.

In the future there may be some videos of making the meals family size and not just single serving. Something to look forward to 🙂.

So, there you have it...why I'm back and why I make and store meals in a bag (or jar)! Feel free to leave a comment below sharing your own experience using meals in a bag (or jar), or having utilized your food storage.

It's good to be back!!

Until next time...Happy prepping, and God bless!