Why you need to have lots of bug spray and hydrocortisone cream in your bug out bag!

And in your home preps

Tick warning sign posted on tree in woods.

Ticks or chiggers? I'm not sure, but one or the other, or both, have been in intimate contact with me! Actually, it is both. I've had two ticks latch on to me and numerous bites. Those bites are actually the ones I'm not sure of. You see, there are these tiny ticks here in the Ozark Mountains that look like a small freckle on your skin. They are “juvenile ticks”. I've found a few and actually just scratched them away. If you don't catch them early enough though you do have to dig a little with your scratching. Those bites don't seem to bother me, at least the ones I've caught.

Then there's these other bites that itch like crazy! They have a small liquid like bump in the center with red all around them. The red area does swell up some; at least on me. The swelling could be because of my allergies to bees, mosquitoes and other flying insects. And, did I mention they itch?!?!? Like crazy!! They don't have the famous bull's eye that normal tick bites have, so I'm ruling those out. At this point, from the pics I've Googled, I'm guessing the itching ones are chigger bites.

What's really crazy about the bites is that they are on my inner and outer thighs and behind both knees. That is so strange to me because I haven't even been out into the deep woods yet! I've pretty much stayed in the mowed area of the land around the cabin site. I haven't even sat on the ground. I thought chiggers mostly hang out around your ankles and lower legs. But, obviously, I thought wrong. Maybe.

I'm wondering if there is such a thing as monkey ticks/chiggers or flying ticks/chiggers?? There would have to be for them to reach the areas of my body they have, wouldn't there? I mean, I would have felt them crawling on my skin, right? I haven't Googled it yet to find out, but if you've ever heard of either, could you please comment below and let me know?

Okay, so I must confess. There's a good possibility that if I had used the bug spray my son has sitting outside the RV on a bench I may have been able to avoid the bites all together. But, I'm not used to going places that I have to use bug spray for. At least not in recent years. Except for the last visit down here, but I wasn't here at the homestead 24/7 then, and it was early spring. And, I did use bug spray then, but had my daughter here to remind me, lol. So, because of the bug bites, I have been using a lot of hydrocortisone cream. And, believe me, it does help stop the itching! Well, for a while anyway.

Speaking of has rained here for the past few days and I've been stuck indoors a lot of the time. Then, when it wasn't raining the humidity was almost unbearable. I know I will have to put up with the weather conditions if SHTF, but I'm not at that point in life. So, I've been hanging out in the RV enjoying the AC a lot this week. Although, I was able to get out and get some fresh air and enjoy the scenery for a bit this late morning/early afternoon. And, here I am, back inside the RV writing this article! Next week it's supposed to be cooler, hopefully drier, and less humid. I can't wait! I still haven't had much of a chance to practice those bush craft skills. So, I'm really looking forward to the coming week. Time has gone by so quickly that it's hard to fathom that I only have a little over two weeks left here!

Getting back on track here, the reason I'm writing to you today is to stress the importance of having bug spray and hydrocortisone cream in your bug out bags! After all, ticks, chiggers, mosquitoes, etc. aren't only prevalent in the Ozark Mountains, but pretty much everywhere in North America. I have a bug out bag full of all kinds of gear, but no bug spray or hydrocortisone cream. At all.

Right before I started planning for this impromptu trip I had started looking up natural/herbal remedies for bug sprays. There are a couple of posts on the Christian Prepper Gal Facebook Group for such that I and other group members have posted. I definitely plan to continue the research on that, as well as some sort of anti-itch cream. After all, there's only so much bug spray and anti-itching cream one can put in their bug out bag. Because you will need to have both!

So, when you're planning on adding bug spray to your bug out bag/kit, don't forget the anti-itch cream. Because trust me, these bug bites constantly itch without the cream! And, even though you use bug spray you're still gonna get bit when the spray begins to wear off.

By the way, I'm sure we will need to have both of these in our home emergency storage as well.

Until next time...happy prepping, and God bless!